wasnt there one of these famous experiments (famous = taught in schools) that was legit deboonked?

The Asch Conformity Experiments
What These Experiments Say About Group Behavior

@Alex_Linder The conformity experiments have been replicated multiple times. It's a pretty well studied phenomenon. You can find several new versions of it in videos every year.

Milgram (learner/teacher shock experiment) has also been replicated multiple times. The percentage does change depending on the conditions (higher percentage of going through with the shock if you do it at Harvard vs a store in a mall, and if the punishment is done in a different room rather than in person). People try to say that de-bonks it, but not really. With ideal conditions, you can get 60% of the population to murder someone because someone in authority says so.

The prison experiments might be what you're thinking of. Those didn't have solid constraints and it was so badly put together is was stopped half way through.

@djsumdog i think it was milgram.

but the important finding of the asch stuff is the people who coformed knew they were lying and did it to avoid ridicule. as with public speaking - people's #1 fear is standing out from the group/being made fun of.

@Alex_Linder Yea, I mean .. that's true about conformity .. but they still do it, whatever the motive.

..and Milgram is real and has been replicated. I mean .. look at the last two fucking years. We're looking right at the largest milgram experiment in history.

@djsumdog the point is that politics comes down to who scares whom. that's the actual meaning of that experiment. the jews know it, and they win by intimidating people. and our idiots are trained by their fake opposition leaders to talk in terms of marketplace of ideas. no, it's an arena of fear.

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