well if we fucked up poisoning iran and china with our labbed up disease, at least we can undermine White fertility with our 'vaccine'

this is exactly how jews think. take advantage of any crisis, even if you retarded-maliciously created it (((yourself)))

@Alex_Linder The moment you let loose of a virus, let alone a coronavirus, that is a cold-virus and thus inherently very contagious, you lose control of it.

@Alex_Linder The idea that someone, let alone Jews would think that they could keep this concentrated to China and Iran alone, is ridiculous. I am open to that the Mossad simply seized the moment to attack Iran with something else, though, as the corona stuff got started in China. It does appear some politicians etc died from something in Iran.

@TheIronHeart they were working on stuff, that's what it was. they've admitted it. zero interest among any ass media reporters in the specifics. but that's what it all was. mossad attacks are assassinations, the disease spreading doesnt require that level of skill.

jews could literally admit they murdered jfk it might make one channel for ten minutes. that's how far gone it is.

@Alex_Linder I have to notice: on the one hand you've kept insisting that covid is nonsense arguing it is more or less the flu (which all but disappeared altogether both in the US and China), on the other hand you (now) argue it was a Jewish/neocon bio-attack on this or that nation. We've seen in our own countries that it only really killed really frail and weak people as it were. So which is it?

@TheIronHeart it's not the "cold" whatever that is that's killing the non-old, it's the vaccine. the vaccine is 100% poisonous. at least the shots that werent saline.


@TheIronHeart what of all the Asians and nonwhites dying in the streets before it came here? Also there wasn't a vaccine for quite some time and tons of people were dying. I don't get the whole "it doesn't exist" + it's the cold + itd the vaccine contradictions when vaccine wasnt even a thing for a while

I have friends who are in 20s, perfectly healthy, got it bad before vacc was even a thing. It's absolut not true that it's just the vacc/cold.Easy to believe this if you don't live in a big city&don't need to be near ton of people. I don't think vacc is necessary for most, if not all, but I don't believe covid was fake or cold.u guys are getting conf bias.People arent dying all over from vacc unless u spend day narrowly searching for news saying they are

@Varg @TheIronHeart if it's not a cold, then why are they calling it a coronavirus. that's what cold means. all those people dropping dead on film, prime athletes, arent dying of any cold.

what they did was scare, isolate, and misdrug seniors. then used their deaths to scare everybody into getting the vaccine, which is unprecedently destructive. and it's just getting started. and remember, you dont know what you actually got. it all depends on the lot. there was a lot of saline distributed.

@TheIronHeart media overhyped it, drs push it, sure. Avg person doesn't need vacc. But some get covid and do get sick & idc if they get vacc. Vacc has adverse side effects for (some) especially unhealthy, but so does covid. I don't think vacc was designed to make ppl sick-- if govt wanted to they could do it other ways not voluntary as shot. Ive seen people get sick from cov (before & after vacc) & haven't really known anyone personally who got sick from vacc.

@TheIronHeart pretty much everyone in my company had gotten cov, and staff at companies I work with, most are fine but I've known a few young/healthy who got really sick. The antivaxx thing may be right to some degree with cov- that it was overhyped, & vacc is mostly unnec. I'm not going to let my wife get it. but there's also a bunch of paranoids attracted to the antivaxx . Ppl have been saying for past year that half the pop is going to drop dead from vacc. Religious doomsday shit


@Varg @TheIronHeart

the anti-fake-vax side can cite dozens of lies from the fauci side. but the fauci side cant cite a single lie from mercola, who is the main thought leader.

in a court, if you're lying about even one thing, your testimony is considered worthless. you have all the media and pols saying the same thing. of course they're lying. exactly same as every other area.

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