where does the idea that niggers are anything but dangerous wild animals come from?

it comes from the jewish poison known as christianity, the ultimate liberalism, the alleged but not actual God-created equality of soul. "impershipable!" yip the crossunfits; "inestimable value" lisp the jesusqueers.

@Someguy it is not perfect rhetoric but i still like it. it's a good B. worth a snort.

@Alex_Linder right that's exactly right. You mean misfit not unfit. I think. Unfit is like not suitable

@Someguy it's a play on CrossFit however that's spelled. so i mean what i said. Un physically fit.

@Alex_Linder but no one uses unfit like that. You always use unfit for something (the job usually). Which means it's a relative not a fixed deficit. At least more often than not.

It just doesn't quite come off right

I get the crossfit thing. That's why I said it was clever.

@Someguy it's a bit of wit, you cant press it that hard. the cross makes them mentally unfit, the specifics of which are indicated in the very same post.

@Alex_Linder if I say in out of shape people will say go to the gym you lazy bastard

But if I say in unfit they will ask unfit for what. It's all relative

@Someguy survival of the fittest is what's akshually being alluded to. the cross makes them mentally unfit for the struggle.

@Alex_Linder I get that but as I said it sounds off because of the way unfit is p well exclusively used.

@Someguy mentally fitness is a thing to. that part is no problem. no one will stumble on that. fitness is physical and mental. we've seen that fitness and right-wing beliefs go hand in hand. that's another thing that makes xtianity leftist.

@Alex_Linder right but fit and fitness are two different nouns. Unfit usually refers to a lack of fit (relative) vs a lack of fitness (genrral)

@Someguy you keep trying to defeat art with spergery. that's not how it works.

@Alex_Linder i don't know about this. Really good art is down to the ground good.

@Alex_Linder how is that wrong? Unfit is for something. Lack of fitness is darwinian I think and that's also p much it.

@Alex_Linder English is extremely flexible as a language. It's very hard to say that a certain word only has a certain meaning. However as wrong as it may be I still look at how a word is used as its practical definition. And I've never heard lack of fitness outside of like Richard Dawkins.

@Someguy i think a duallusion to darwin and crossfit is fairly clever and it works intellectually. it's only drawback is it's just a bit stumbly readingwise and you must think about it for a half-second to get it. so it's not perfect but it's good.

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