you cant really have a country with people who want to fuck children. or people who want to make excuses for people who want to fuck children. = three panels of the same triptych


it is convenient that the globohomo govs are getting these freak shows to out themselves, i guess because the freak show thinks the gov will protect them and that people aren't taking notes on who's up for the mass graves during the collapse

let them be loud, the loudest in the jungle are quickly done away with

@mrmcmayhem i believe and always have that the west, any country in it, could be turned around in barely more than hours by statements followed by violence...leading to quiet...leading to akshual progress

ask me who to shoot, i have advanced, valuable ideas

@Alex_Linder @Alex_Linder immediately thought of Bosch's "Garden of Earthly Delights" tryptic lol
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