Perhaps they should purge Talmud from their lives and also speak out regarding Apartheid Israel and its human rights violations
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James Woods
I just had a moving conversation with one of my dearest friends. She is liberal. She is Jewish.

We TOTALLY agree that extremism in this country is leading to a poisonous antisemitism that we BOTH abhor. If you know any antisemites, purge them from your life like the plague.

@NBForrest all these hollywood "right" types are simply conservatives

@Alex_Linder That fucker supposedly has an IQ in the 180s; that means he without doubt KNOWS what the kikes are - but still he truckles for the likes of his "dear, liberal, jewish friend".

@NBForrest @Alex_Linder Plenty of high-IQ idiots out there. IQ is most meaningful when distinguishing between low and high rather than between middle or high or high or very high IMO. Very easy to see the difference between say 85 and 110 - much harder when 110 -130/140. Maybe the latter is clearly better at chess or something.

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