@Alex_Linder >Germany is now banning energy price increases. Same thing happened in Venezuela, and the end result is catastrophic inflation!

How does that work? Because I promise you 99,9% think capping the energy prices sounds great.

@Alex_Linder The consumers. I assume this is what the person you quoted referred to:

The German government wants to stop energy companies from increasing electricity and gas prices in 2023, Bild newspaper reported Saturday, citing draft legislation.

The government has already ordered a cap on energy prices for next year to quell the energy crisis that threatens household budgets and the viability of many businesses.



@TheIronHeart what if the government tell you that you're forced to supply bananas at the price of .50 a bunch?

this is the most basic economics possible.

prices arent random things.

sure, the average person would like everything free.

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