@Alex_Linder >Germany is now banning energy price increases. Same thing happened in Venezuela, and the end result is catastrophic inflation!

How does that work? Because I promise you 99,9% think capping the energy prices sounds great.

@Alex_Linder The consumers. I assume this is what the person you quoted referred to:

The German government wants to stop energy companies from increasing electricity and gas prices in 2023, Bild newspaper reported Saturday, citing draft legislation.

The government has already ordered a cap on energy prices for next year to quell the energy crisis that threatens household budgets and the viability of many businesses.



@TheIronHeart the german government cut off relations with russia, which is why prices are high in the first place. if they cap the energy price, then no one's going to supply anything. then the government will force them too.

your questoin is what's wrong with government running everything. it doesnt work. the market does work. every 'problem' that europe has is caused by government not allowing actual markets to work.

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