Throw the weeb down the well
So our people can be free.

@Alex_Linder Where the fuck do you even think you are you stupid retard? You're like one of those goatfucking rapefugees fleeing to a White country and immediately demanding that Western women all start wearing Burkas.

@ChristiJunior you are literally the muppet i accuse you of being. YOU ARE A MUPPET. AND YOU VOTE REPUBLICAN.

@Alex_Linder Strike 3, holy shit you retarded niggerfaggot, can you get anything right? Rasterman is right, you truly are blitz-tier.
@ChristiJunior @Alex_Linder My suspicion is that Linder’s Crohn’s Disease is flaring up something fierce today, and in between bouts of spraying diarrhea all over his bathroom walls for @Varg to later scrub off, he is taking out his rage on anime appreciators. :smug_loli2:
@Alex_Linder >you vote republican
Last time I checked, Christi doesn't live in America.
Look, I'm not one to kink shame but if it he wants a fist up his ass you really should leave his fetishes out of this.

You are part of a network of anime websites. Like imageboards, you can talk about other things here, but those other topics will always be in addition to anime. Anime is never replaced and is never off-topic.

@Hoss @ChristiJunior @Alex_Linder hey do you think this will lead to pieville shamefully defederating from evil anime weebs
I know nothing about pieville other than that their users tend to be spergier than usual.
@Hoss @ChristiJunior @Alex_Linder pieville is basically what happens when you introduce a retirement home to /r/atheism and they decide to be pagay instead

@lina retirement? nigger i worker harder than your mom when the ship comes in.

IF jesus
THEN faggot

yeah that kike jesus story is like jesse smollett except 100% less plausible

@Alex_Linder why'd you untag these fine gentlemen? @Hoss @ChristiJunior
are you per chance feeling pressured by the fact that everyone's sending you anime? it's ok grandpa, don't stress yourself or else you'll catch another heart attack :D:
@ChristiJunior @Alex_Linder @Hoss hey easy there, respect your elders hotshot, he's just ain't what he used to be, can't keep up with us young'ins anymore, he needs to take vitamin supplements and heart pills to keep going now
gosh darn kids
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