it is a very odd thing that pro-Whites have done so LITTLE to bring out how much of the Old South's plantation economy was owned and run by jews. it is odd i had to learn this from NOI rather than our own.

@Alex_Linder I think I read the the vast majority of slaves in the South were owned by kikes, not just a far greater percentage of owners being snipdicks. IDK

@NBForrest funny thing is and maybe i'm wrong i dont remember duke saying this in his book, i dont remember any other big-time southron Whitist talking about it either. you always here that like only 1% actually owened slaves, but they never mentioned that a huge number of the plantation/big-time owners were jews.

this is why i always say context is job 1.

fucking complete failure. literally it took niggers to do white man's work recording this in the NOI book.

@Alex_Linder Today's (((brainwashed))) Whites need to know this in order to break the paralyzing fake guilt trip, but of course most niggers won't care and will continue to hate their White betters.

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