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In South Africa, a 12yo was forced to watch his father be shot dead, the family dog disemboweled and his mother raped with broken glass and shot dead. Then he was drowned in a bathtub of boiling water until his face melted off and later had to be scrubbed off the side of the tub.

that look jewish? nope. not a bit in the nose eyes or even lips. a lot of whites, like me, have non-shark lips like cuck islanders often have. slitlips are gross.

which of these are jews - the catholic priest pardon me bishop?

looks to me like french catholic name, and the shooter doesnt look jew either, altho that proves nothing.

notice how they dressed the guy in a hospital gown for the camera, in order to humiliate him and suggest he's mentally ill

Buffalo gunman, 18, 'had name of a Waukesha Parade victim on his rifle when he murdered 10 in racist attack' six months after five died when SUV sped through crowd in Wisconsin

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