twitter is so musked aka gayotoed you cant even search if not a member, so went to, as roscoe has alerted us to in the past

"how dangerous it is to allow people not to watch TV"

boom goes the dynamite

This is the first and deepest mental decision you will ever make. Whether the statement is true. The church says yes. I say no. The correct answer is no.

not going to say who this might be a rendering of upon fall of the groovy meecrostadt known as bakhmut

The mental warp we know as the victim of jewish 'catholicism' can no more choose not to be white, if it is white, and i'm well aware most of them arent, than a blue grosbeak can deny it's a blue grosbeak because it prefers to rewrite / 'identify' / define itself as a bird for jesus.

"'Blue Grosbeak'" is a category of mind, not a real thing." -- judeo-Catholic 'philosopher'

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