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The Buffalo shooter did not say a single thing about Tucker Carlson and wrote that he hated Fox News.

Pomp 馃尓

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see if you find this quotation in any mainstream:

鈥淭he real war I鈥檓 advocating for is the gentiles vs the Jews. We outnumber them 100x, and they are not strong by themselves,鈥 he wrote.

Goyfire Trasmissione #56 updated on 05-16-20
I refined some of the translations and punctuations. These Goyfire broadcasts articulate so many vital WN points at once in an easy-to-grasp conversational style.



LUNA has wiped out 1/2 of
2022 headline speakers.

Paul 馃嚞馃嚙

London the capital city of England:

1991 - 80% white
2011 - 45% white-British

The Devil to prove the Church was a farce
Went out to fish for a Bugger.
He baited his hook with a Soldier's arse
And pulled up the Bishop of Clogher...馃槀

The moon is not here to provide free streaming service for you cheap fucks.

" The problem isn鈥檛 PoW vs PoS. It鈥檚 the failing emergence of a healthy fee market capable of supporting a security budget in the absence of issuance. Any system that can鈥檛 pay its protection racket for security will suffer. "

Facebook photos show that Gendron went on a few college tours and spent some time enrolled in Broome County Community College. A college spokeswoman told he Buffalo News that he was no longer enrolled.

'They have a really nice family,' neighbor Nancy Santucci said. 'They seem like regular people. In a million years I never would think that anyone from this neighborhood would drive to Buffalo to carry out a racially motivated shooting.'

at least some of his neighbors praised him rather than anonymously attacking him.

A neighbor recalled him bringing home a human-sized Brontosaurus that he build for a school project. School records show that he was a good student and made high honors in his senior year, scoring higher than 92 percent in all his classes.

" 'To be honest, the mother was kind of snooty,' a local parent who asked not to be named said. 'Like she was better than everyone else. The father was strange. Like when you meet someone and they just seem off.' "

typical american cowardice, absolutely pathetic. the average ameriKwan has just enough testicle to call an anonymous 800 number and rat out someone it doesnt like

@Alex_Linder This is why so many governments did everything they could to prevent the spread of Tarrant's video. He showed everyone in 1080p just how easy it is to fight back.

prayer is just onanism with a different hand position

christianity is me-too judaism for retards

satanism is me-too christianity for double-retards

metooism always sucks.

these clowns at NJP and Daily Rake are the only ones who talk about atomwaffen or satanists. no one gives a shit about that stuff, everyone knows what that is. it has nothing to do with this guy in new york. jeezus, the feds ought to pay you clowns as the PR for these satanists.

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