Jews know IQ is real. they know there's not a chance in hell of converting niggers and beaners at 85 and lower IQ away from feeding on whites with wordsy idealism. this is why they fill the country with squats n congos. it guarantees their continued control.

Whites can only exist and flourish in all-White societies. There's no point to any politics other than bringing that about.

The catholic or catholic-backgrounded Retroist also fail to grasp the main point. it doesnt matter how many listeners muh radio priest had, what matters is he was canceled by jews, and his magazine newstands physically destroyed.

Jews must be fought - physically. If we dont have a PHYSICAL response, the rest doesnt matter. If Hitler and his men hadnt physically fought from day one (their first public meeting) they'd be no different from our anglo conservatives - finger-raising niggling losers.

Also, NJP appears to be urban catholics pitching a new New Deal. this is bizarre retroism that isnt needed or particularly wanted. It's also missing the main oportunity of the age, which a new Hitler certainly would not. That opportunity is absolutely hard money - which in one swoop does 1000x what any revised social policy could so far as helping White workers and White families. Yet these new parties dont even talk about it.

The way to do White politics now is to focus on Hush Crimes - if you have a physical response body to recruit for. Nothing short of an army will do it at this point. #2023

Ideally you'd have NJP-style activism, which is undisputedly good, producing signups for the Patriot Front.

The problem is neither organization explicitly rejects xtianity as part of TeamJew, so the fundamental mindset and approach is still bad old conservatism.

Something "ganz anders" is needed, and this is it.

Muh activism to get muh policy.

yeah it's at least 15 years past that possibility

if whites had followed nature, they would have removed other species from their living space.

since they followed (((xtianity))), they tried to bring the lol 'good news' to the shitskins.


NIggers are constantly committing street crime both against our humans and their fellow niggers.

But whites are willing to support jews in killing hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children. For one example of many, many.

Whites dont like this argument. But it's not answerable.

Where are the whites who by their behavior show themselves White -- which in this connection means unwilling to be used by jews?

Those are the whites we seek.

We should make the normal peacock, azure throated, fanned beauty, the symbol of Sexual Normality

so whatever flag they post, we copy it with a male peacock on top, trumping it.

(i dont know if you've ever seen one up close, their throat color is incredibly beautiful. the male ones; the females are drab). blue is the color of calmness and normality. these are supporting-cast reasons. the basic reason in these things must always be gloriousness.

everything in life is designed ironically. this is the deepest insight out there, i think, if you're looking for design. the yin-yang symbol is the best symbol for what appears to be going on, as best humans can make it out. that's my opinion, i will dump it in a minute for a superior.

@Roscoe @PsychelonB wow how did that thing survive GRIDs? im legit amazed it's still with 'us.'

you wont believe this incredible free offer from (((jesus of nazareth))). grab it now!

Never place a coffee cup within a foot of your computer.

here's your insight for life

there is no adult in the room. ever.

just you and what you can come up with.

"you realize this is ridiculous, right?" -- tot me looking around church/sunday school.

later he realized they did not.

@Marko how can someone else die for your sins? apart from the thousand other things wrong with the christ garbage, that always bothered. 1) not possible. 2) who asked this jesus nigger to get involved with my affairs? no one. it's quite literally the origination of spam. meat spam, maybe, but spam.

@PsychelonB i think that late fellow who dunked a (((cross))) in a pissbottle knew his business

you can no more decide not to be the sex you are than a peacock can decide not to have a blue throat

A. Linder resliced
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