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A. Linder resliced

If anyone ever challenges your assertion about the Jewishness of the Frankfurt School, just use this mnemonic device to educate them.
"I waved a FLAG for HeLP with installing my K&N air filter in my BMW."

Fromm (Erich)
Lukacs (Georg)
Adorno (Theodor)
Grünberg (Carl)

Horkheimer (Max)
Lowenthal (Leo)
Pollock (Friedrich)

Kirchheimer (Otto)
Neumann (Franz)

Benjamin (Walter)
Marcuse (Herbert)
Weil (Felix)

EU cunt says 100,000 dead ukes. scott ritter says more like 250,000.

@bigbrother1066 i'm playing it light. need to use twitter. i'll just post less. let us know.

A. Linder resliced

got suspended for saying jews are a race of criminals. so free speech is more a marketing term than real. musk thinks like every other conservatard in this regard. but still on there.

A. Linder resliced

I couldn't so much as mention Roosevelt or Churchill or any of the other frauds without having to face a savage official onslaught, with all blows directed below the belt. The common notion that free speech prevails in the United States always makes me laugh. - H. L. Mencken. The Diary of H L Mencken 1989.

Musk will ban anything he feels like, for any reason. The real TOS of all platforms - only mine state it openly.

Lucas Gage
The only thing that creates change in reality is FORCE. You can have the TRUTH, but if you don't ACT on it using FORCE or THREAT of it, it won't matter. The People are armed to the teeth, yet the Govt isn't scared; it knows they'll just pray or protest but never do what's needed.

of course i didnt even mention that most of these giant pharma cos are run or owned by jews, same as mass media. another parallel.

the jews would naturally look at medicines as a way to control the population, just as they look at mass media.

even nonjews like huxley have pointed out the use to the control state of meds that pacify, tranquilize, dumb down, de-energize, or just plain destroy as with puberty blockers.

the logic for media control and meds control are exactly the same.

@Someguy look at the date on that. like to see him claim that now. there was no basis to claim it then either. the right intellectual interpretation of what has happened is that now, yes, all vaccines are thrown into question.

we who are jew aware should look at it this way: if the kikes are extremely concerned about what we see and hear, so that they control all mass media, are they going to be less concerned about "trusted medicines" that go in our body? the logic follows. meds = goycontrol.

What distinguishes Twitter is the top people in 99% of fields are on it. What can distinguish Fediverse is longer default character limits. More freedom in the most important area (discussing jews and their bang-ons). Those two are real now. A third could be better, unusual, unique or valuable meecrocultures on the planets in the constellation. Finally, less self promotion and more simple, useful social connection with Fediverse.

for anyone who thinks musk is overly intelligent...his grasp of vaccine is on par with free speech

@su yeah just from her nose, that is not the same species we are. even a white with a hooked beak still doesnt have that overall formation.

"PayPal has strayed very far from the path. I do think there is a role for in the future as a means of ensuring that the monetary system doesn't get completely corrupted."

-- Elon Musk on Bitcoin

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