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Outrage as prosecutors agree to slash sentences for pair of NYC lawyers who firebombed NYPD van during 2020 BLM riots: Face just two years behind bars instead of life

A top police union boss has blasted the decision to dramatically-shorten the sentences for two lawyers who admitted firebombing an empty NYPD van during the 2020 BLM riots.

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White Thomson Reuters data scientist says he was FIRED by woke bullies for sharing data showing cops kill more unarmed white people than black people - and claiming BLM contributed to deaths of thousands

" Drug overdoses, which have long since topped deaths from AIDS, car accidents and guns, killed about a quarter as many Americans as COVID did last year.

Deaths involving synthetic opioids (largely fentanyl) rose to 71,000 from 58,000, while those associated with stimulants like methamphetamine (which has grown cheaper and more lethal in recent years) increased to 33,000 from 25,000. "

while niggers are plagiarizing, whites are landing planes without flying lessons

PICTURED: Passenger who landed Cessna in Florida despite having NO training after pilot passed out and air traffic controller guided him using printed picture of cockpit controls

dat trunigging: when you plagiarize your EXZCUSE AN SHIT for plagiarizamating

Author's essay about why she plagiarized chunks of her debut novel about a young, black pregnant woman is pulled after it's found she copied that AS WELL
Novelist's essay explaining why she plagiarized parts of her book is pulled for copying

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surely no ill can come of treating putin like a White Nationalist, even tho he has weapons (((we))) dont have

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Go ahead and blacklist me poast fags - now you'll have that in common with Fuentes and his grifters.
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:alert: REMINDER :alert:

Tomorrow is the day of remembrance for European martyr Tommie Lindh. A Young Swedish National Socialist who sacrificed his life to protect a White women from a group of armed nigger rapists in 2020 at the age of only 19.

Be sure to remember him and celebrate his brave sacrifice tomorrow.

Eric Matheny 🎙
No matter how bad things get, we always seem to have a couple extra billion laying around for a foreign war.

i never liked musk but that was 95% because i loathe spacefags

now i've overcome my bigotry

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