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A. Linder resliced

Shares in Brainchip (BRCHF) are 63 cents. Brainchip solves the real-world problems of wasteful power consumption, delayed response time, dependency on Internet/cloud learning, privacy/security breaches from internet. Its Akida system-on-chip processes all 5 senses in real time, at millionths to thousandths of a watt without dependency on any external device. Think about that. I recommended Brainchip last year when it was 30 cents. I will be recommending it again when it is $2 & $10.

A. Linder resliced

Another prescient point for Team White is that this technology can facilitate Bitcoin's "off the grid" functionality. By eliminating a need for connection to the internet, Brainchip's Akida chip solves the internet/bandwidth dependency problem of other A.I.

richard heart, well worth listening to. among other things, plans to create a special economic zone as lead-in top establishing a state. also, defects of ethereum, coming "pulisechain" and more

Caroline Glick

The John Allen-Qatar investigation points a huge Israeli corruption scandal involving Benny Gantz's former firm. But since there's no Netanyahu angle, the media is ignoring the story, along with the legal fraternity.

The Generals' Marvelous Doha Adventure -
Former commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan Gen. (ret.) John Allen recently resigned as president of the Brookings Institution under a cloud of criminal suspicion and...

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I was at the ghetto bus stop again and a bunch of rachet sheeboons were laughing about how their young kids would ask for hits off their bong

Do you know these men? US Marshals release age-progressed images of three men who escaped from Alcatraz in 1962 and who would now be in their 90s

United States Marshals have released age-progressed images of the three men who infamously dug their way out of the maximum security prison at Alcatraz Island on June 11, 1962.

Five major cities are on track to surpass their 2021 homicide totals: Number has spiked 25% in Milwaukee, 13% in DC and Atlanta and more than 7% in Baltimore and LA
This is an open admission by fiat authorities that the fuels of the industrial revolution are no longer affordable under the fiat regime. You can only afford the same sunshine & wind your 12th century peasant ancestors had.

The industrial revolution is over until fiat is over.

A. Linder resliced

"Juneteenth"...even the name is nigger-stoopid.

A. Linder resliced


Over the corpses of our enemies
We'll build a new country
With a smile on our face
We will look Death in the eye,
because we are the Death squad

Echipa mortii - Romanian Legionarist song

eurocucks to putin: oh shit, you meant it. that's weird. (looking around at their fellow cucks, in consternation.) it's just that we've never been around anyone who didnt lie all the time. it's what we do. it's how we serve jew.

one thing that should be added to public demonstrations is a cappella singing of a worthy song. like a vocal uniform, except more impressive. a political party today must be the outgrowth of a physical army, and men in arms, singing, will make a deep impression on the public - if the numbers and quality are there. i dont know what the right song would be for america, but certainly not the SSB or grapes of wrath song.

Janneke Gerritsen
3 months ago
I used to be a fan, but after this masterpiece I’m a whole air conditioner

new to me if not new

imagine what a Goebbels could do with "Our House"

not so hard to figure, is it

singers going OUR HOUSE

public antiphony OUR STREET

i can see this like a vision

imagine an anglo hitler, gives a marrowsprache...then right as the end near crowd of 80k at wembley

first strains of Our House followed beat later by upsurge of mighty roar

grown men would weep

this is where political change comes from

speaking leading fighting killing

not writing, not holding signs, not voting, not vidyaing yr guys looking so Respetable

again, OUR HOUSE:

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