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something half white / half christian is a mindlatto and it goes by its inferior half, same as physical. it's a conservative, and to hell with it.

kevin spacey turning into evil john ritter

afraid to laugh? in time you'll end up a slave.

either you laugh at gross and obvious lies like 'the' 'holocaust' get what we have now.

"Idealist: a newsstand dealer who thinks he can sell one copy of Shakespeare for every 100 copies of Ass."

perfect in conception and execution if i do repeat so myself and i do

you niggers with three digit IQs should be focused on crafting beautiful witticisms not reading third rate nip semi-porn.

this is a perfect example of the truth of 'brevity is the soul of wit.' i vitiate the striking power of this wonderful witicism by 40% by leaving in "the magazine" like you retards cant figure it out. YOU CAN. my error. amended in today's feed.

principles protect people. i ignored a valid one and undermined myself by nearly half, so i estimate.

the point isnt that jews 'killed' jesus, who after all is their own fictional sci fi character just like 'superman,' it's that they CREATED (((Him))). that's the part that matters. you dunce.

given the authority tropism, you dont need to control the small stuff, just the big stuff

conservatives dont want free speech. they want to be able to speak freely on The recognized main platform. Not the same thing at all. you can whip them 1000x over if you have The Recognized Platform and they will come crawling back every time.

how to get any christcuck to NPC face

if jews "hated" christianity, they'd treat it like nazis or WN. it would be banned off the media. its 501c3 charitable foundation status would be yanked. yet you can find christianity all over the radio and on tv. all churches enjoy tax privileges.

eyebrows go 45 degrees.

jews: God chose us

Romans: GTFO you fucking clowns

christnuggets: wow just wow

it fell to my lot to pretend to be smarter than everyone else. i dont like it any better than you men.

i've told you fucking athropoid jackalopes for years that christianity is the key to understanding why whites wont fight back. they think it's immoral. they may fear the jew, but the other part of that is they think it's "evil" to do what obviously needs to be done. they have allowed a jewish poison mind control cult to override their capacity for rationality.

reasoning from reality shows clearly that the right number of niggers and jews among us MUST be zero or we will, in time, be destroyed.

the church isnt a good white thing it's a bad jew thing

that's fact, it doesnt matter how you emotionalize or feel about it.
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Inflation enriches cronies & destroys your wealth & makes essential fuels & meat unaffordable, but it's not a problems because it also allows central banks to pay con artists to convince you meat & fuels are boiling oceans so you shouldn't consume them anyway.

The (((christ))) cult centers jews, the jew nation, jew history for the non-jew. That's its point.

And you nobs are so fucking stupid you think christianity is ANTI-jew.

And even the proof which even a retard like you can see and hear for yourself -- that christian is EVERYWHERE legal and EVERYWHERE spread out all through the mass media -- you cant even draw the correct conclusion from this.

Christianity was created by jews. Christianity protects jews.

Christianity is anti-White.

jews should be thought of as an entry in a Roger Tory Petersen's Field Guid to Humans

that's the right frame. then you think about their coloring, their disposition, their habits, their traits.

when you look at them in relation to imaginary god/jesus you're completely disoriented and awed. which is exactly the intent of the (((christ cult))).

under the (((cross))) of confusion lies...a cuck

is _your_ team.

A. Linder resliced

on Inflation Reduction Act: "$60 billion for environmental justice, for neighborhoods and communities that have asked for decades 'When will there be relief?' [...] Relief is on its way. This is a landmark investment."


jewish control of mass media began in the cathedral

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