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We have no race problem because one in ten niggers can wear pants without a tail hole.

A. Linder resliced
These fucks need to be beaten with a bag of hammers on live tv for the Bullshit they pulled during rona they should be boiled alive for suggesting this authoritarian horseshit…

the NEET says "grind" like its a bad thing

let me tell you ONE lesson that you dont learn until for many it's too late

TIME is the main thing in this world.

to mock 'grind' means you dont know how to live.

produce your art, your offspring, i dont know many of you probably top out at rolling down hills.


i say again my whip is made from Rich Corinithian Leather cruelly but lovingly flayed from the deceased cuticle of Ricardo Montalban itself.

This whip, who will become known to you in the way, shall we say, of malicious non-pedo camp couselor, is known as Ordermaker, Scourge of the Weebs. He has a eatin' fever for the taste of Poastflesh.

my whip is made of Rich Corinthian Leather, and it has a eatin' fever for Poastflesh

Prove evolution

i give you a MOLE RAT

you turn it into a JEW


Noir is somewhat degenerate. But it's also stylish and fairly Aryan.

Pulp > weebshit

with this ONE COOL TRICK

i can evolve a perfectly ordinary holstein

into a currency-generating ELECTRIC EEL

100 yards is the only RACE

it literally makes me angry that any other distance is even considered

muh i runned 26.x miles. nigger you were already pooped out by the hyenas, get real.

moronium is the uncredited binding force of the universe

A. Linder resliced

Return to monkey is not just a funny internet yuk it's our (((actual social policy))).

Unlike "Real" Ted Bundy in Ann Arbor i did not have what it took.

Shit tried to get some gen-U-wine nazi art books but failed.

"Only he is defeated who gives himself up for lost." --H. Rudel (if i recall)

Remember: your body is a hope chest for maggots, so put lots of tasty things in it.

i dont see race, i just see Jesus. and He is beautiful.

i want a miniature giraffe. i saw one on tv once, so i know they're a thing, and like a scotch tartan, they're one of those things that, existing, will never go out of style

i am going to whip the faggotry out of the poast crew until nary an elflicker is left alive

please pray for my arm

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