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Bitcoin maximalists were ecstatic when Terra Luna was pumping their bags, but now that it tanked their net worth they're on the "shitcoin scam" line. Funny how that works.

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A. Linder resliced
A. Linder resliced
A. Linder resliced
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Last time I went to church they had a guest speaker, a jew, for Christians for Israel, and they were asking for donations. I was disgusted.

xtianity: the worst thing that ever happened to the white race.

Elon Musk
To find out, my team will do a random sample of 100 followers of

I invite others to repeat the same process and see what they discover …

Michael Saylor⚡️
The entire crypto world consists of one perfect thing, a few imperfect things, and a host of dangerous things. My discussion with
on , stablecoins, altcoins, and how the crypto crash this week will accelerate education, regulation, and institutional adoption.

Carl ₿ MENGER ⚡️.
BREAKING: 1M invested in $LUNA 3 days ago is now worth $182.

example of one of the 'bright boys'
There are more than 19,000 shitcoin scams.

Shitcoiners are always showing you the very small number of stupid scams that briefly outperform bitcoin to tempt you to join their stupid ponzi.

They fail to mention that the vast majority of shitcoins have gone to ~0 in BTC terms.

as for his sexuality, i have very, very little doubt andy dick would trouble himself to push his fingers into anything

i dont know what that makes him other than all too familiar these days

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When you call people jews who are not jews, it proves only that you are a moron.

Andy Dick is not a jew.

the bright boys (pulp term back in the day) all saying we need a massive 2008-s2tyle shakeout of shitcoins to reduce the nearly 20k cryptoids to maybe a couple dozen or fewer

Benjamin Cowen
is going to eat alive for a while

Erik Gustafsson 🇸🇪
May 12
My point in all this, is that, liberals are often delusional & disconnected from reality. They’re driven by irrational guilts & childish emotions with no substances.

The Sweden I grew up in & the Sweden of today are two worlds apart. I hope others can come to their senses

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