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" Italy only became a country 170 years ago. Germany only unified 150 years ago. Russia is likely to break up into smaller ethnic countries for sure.

Like it or not, people will migrate from Africa and the Middle East to Europe by the scores of millions. " //

Beyond 2030 we’re looking at a science fiction reality. There’s a good chance we’ll have something like a civil war in the US. And/or serious secession movements.

It’s even more likely that Canada will break up. The same thing is going to happen to Mexico and Brazil. All of Africa will restructure. Many European countries are likely to break up—Spain and areas of France. "

" All those dollars being exported for decades resulted in an artificially high standard of living for Americans. When they come back—and they will come back as the world stops choosing dollars—the standard of living in the US will drop substantially. " --doug casey

"when the US dollar is not needed or wanted for international trade, everybody will dump it. All those dollars will flood back to the US ... to buy US real estate, US shares, and US businesses.

All those $ we’ve been exporting for decades have held down domestic inflation because they’ve been floating around abroad, driving up foreigner’s prices. They’ll come back to the US. Domestic prices will skyrocket upwards at the same time the dollar collapses, and US assets are transferred to foreigners

"What’s going to happen? They’ll default to gold for settling accounts... I’m not saying they’ll allow their subjects to save in and trade in gold.... But I think it’s inevitable for settlements between governments. The only alternative is barter—”I’ll trade you a thousand tonnes of cocoa for two used tanks, 500 cows, and 100 tonnes of wool.” A flea market transaction that’s not very likely in a complicated industrial world… That’s why money was invented.

The world is going back to gold. "

" Russia and China—use the US dollar to trade between each other. Why? It’s quite strange, since those hot potato dollars all have to clear through New York. The reason is that the Russians don’t really trust the Chinese yuan, and the Chinese don’t trust the Russian ruble. They’re both fiat currencies, of little value outside the borders of the countries that issued them. It’s the same with the Indians, the Iranians, the Brazilians, the South Africans, and everybody else..."

" Even though domestic prices are rising at something like 15%, the dollar has been quite strong in recent months against other currencies. The reason for that paradox is debt. Almost all of the world’s debt is denominated in dollars. And in order to service those debts, especially with interest rates now headed up, people need dollars.

So there’s been a scramble for dollars to service all the debt. It’s really rather perverse. "

Casey: The major export of the US now, as it’s been for the last 40 years, is US dollars. We don’t really produce that much anymore. We ship people dollars. In return, they ship us vast amounts of material goods. Ships arrive in US ports full of products; they “dead head” on the return trip, mostly empty. The US has transformed itself from a nation of producers and creditors into a nation of consumers and debtors. "


Rob Schneider
This…a long time ago as well!
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Peter Boghossian
· 3h
The @ACLU has departed from its mission and become captured by an invasive, parasitic ideology. The ACLU has no legitimacy and can no longer be trusted.

Real fascists used to feed journalists olive oil until they "drowned the dishonesty in them." Remember, Mussolini was a former journalist himself, he knew scum when he saw it. This was called a "northern enema."

" Doug Casey: The US is in serious decline—financially, economically, and sociologically—and the world knows it. Only a fool wants to hold the unsecured liability of a bankrupt government, especially one that’s so arrogant as to believe it can confiscate assets arbitrarily. "

Charismatic pastor, 46, of trendy Miami church is fired after having affairs with THREE worshippers - during which he 'drank frequently, got matching tattoos with one lover, and used church's credit card to fund trips for secret encounters'

A. Linder
Tiny hat always sit upon biggest criminal.

Tiny sick vicious Israel: America's only enemy.

Thomas Massie
· 13m
Israel receives $3.8 billion of foreign aid from hard working American taxpayers each year. That vote was to send them another (unbudgeted) $1 billion. A majority of my constituents don’t think Israel needs more of their money, so I voted for my constituents.…

A. Linder resliced

The Washington Post
A person who works at a day care in Illinois has tested positive for monkeypox, potentially exposing children to the virus, state officials announced Friday.

Dylan LeClair 🟠
200k followers, pretty cool.

It’s a pleasure interacting with all 2,000 of you everyday on here.

D. Keith Mano wrote a novel. It wasnt very good. Maybe he wrote another.

"Sometimes it takes me as long as six months to write a sentence. You know why? Because I choose each word individually."

one of the greatest movie lines ever

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