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if you've been in a voting booth, and a moron like you surely has, you've seen epstein's client list.

i'll put the line again diffly

the redskins sold manhattan for trinkets
the whiteskins sold Rome for beads

A. Linder resliced

Interesting, never heard this mentioned really but I've always wondered how much the communists in Russia FORCED race-mixing on the people. Towards the end:

"In Russia, has the Bolsheviks at the national European minorities often dragged the men and children away from their families and forced the women to be with Jews, Bashkirs and Kyrgyz to deliberately destroy the nation and race." - Vidkun Quisling

prayer and masturbation are


same scam
same jews

both ways to get you take your focus off race and rationality

always we see this pattern used by jews to bedoozle the whiteskins doltsim: good cop/bad cop

the rosary is the white man's version of selling manhattan for beads

A. Linder resliced

Good backgrounder.

With eye on the CIA, Moscow cracks the whip at Israel

The Jewish Agency is Israel's life source and the Kremlin shut it down this month. The fallout may be a measurable schism between Moscow and Tel Aviv, in which the latter has a lot to lose.

but little did i know that was just the beginning

honestly, if you were a satirist making up a train of pills/diseases of increasing absurdity

Seasonal Affective Disorder
Restless Leg Syndrome

are pretty much cockslamming the nitty gritty of the end-wall of that chain of Pill Absurdum.

the parallel is to drug companies inventing new diseases that e'er so miraculously they have a peeilllo that will cure.

muh restless leg syndrome.

that's when i said ok to the judeo-(((american))) pill scene. gtfo. a disease only women and feebleminded could take seriously.

like zoiks a parallel just occurred to me

when i was 41 and went bad of a day, and slooooowly began to recoverish, the only think i could bear was to lie sideways and listen to the very mildest cooking shows

some of the hidden promos in these showsck are obvious -- like that fucking crumbled jap bread panooni or whatever. but less obvious is...every recipe is 100/20. you could easily make it 100% delish-nutrish with 80% (actually less) of the ingredes but they ALWAYS throw in 20% high costers.

A. Linder resliced

i learned this from Laziest Man's Guide to Ingestion, by Kenneth "Sporkmaster" Gitterdone (he's like an Emeril for people who look like people):

baked a giant tinfoil pan of (deer, or pork, or beef) cooked Low and Slow (250 for 8 hours). eat it over ten days, usually over rice. and baseball sized tomatoes from my successful plant.

communo-jew takeover of universities / DIE / berkeley

are there a lot of people in australia who just say fuck it and move out in the Outback?

the swirling paisley i guess the asians came up with is the best symbol of This World Akshually. it reflects something that is there and can be seen in darn near everything.

do covid shots cure hemophilia?

(asking for a line of kings)

" Wayne Root reported that 33/200 guests at his wedding who are now sick or dead were all vaccinated. The punchline: at least half his guests were unvaccinated. So that’s unexplainable. He wrote: “It’s important to note, I’m a conservative talk show host who has warned LOUDLY of the dangers of the vaccine since day one. So, my friends are overwhelmingly conservative and unvaccinated too. Yet the few friends I know who did choose to vaccinate are almost all dead or ill. ”

A. Linder resliced

@Alex_Linder Pretty interesting Wiki on the jew that said that Germany must be annihilated. From the Ukraine like many other nasty jews:

"Lechache wrote in the newspaper "Droit de Vivre" (December 1938):

'It is our task to organize the moral and cultural blockade of Germany and disperse this nation. It is up to us to start a merciless war.'"

this fag is a traditionalist
this other fag is a progressive
the smart guy is a betterist
time is a not a quality judgment, no matter how many adages you parrot

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