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Ambassade de Chine en France

Organisation du gouvernement - Chine
Sep 20
Les États-Unis ont lancé 251 interventions militaires depuis la fin de la guerre froide et 469 depuis 1798.

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@Alex_Linder Jews dominate the field of vaccines, both historically and now. That alone is reason for suspicion.

Jesse Sapolu Says Lowell Cohn Made Bill Walsh Retire and Grant Cohn is Trying to Destroy the 49ers

Alex Linder
Alex Linder
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jews jew. it's what they do. the main technique of jewing is inversion. black becomes white. white becomes black. iggy becomes "Grant." same in sports as in politics. IF jew THEN lie.

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Title: Immunization

Caption: It occurs to me that little good comes from poison or from Jews. [Streicher was suspicious of immunization]

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Vanderbilt University Medical Center under fire after videos expose 'big moneymaker' allegations about transgender surgeries on children... Read about news like this and more at the
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how do you write [medical centers] so well?

"i think of a whore, and then i make it half as greedy"

you'll notice my new comedic technique of preference lo these last several years has not been appreciated which means appropriated. yet. it will be. i garONtee it as this or that pettybo would say, down in the gator swamps

A. Linder @Alex_Linder
'smart' means centrally controlled. is that what you want?

i dont like sassy refrigerators any better than sassy women.

so to grade my own paper which is in no way no way masturbatory as i'm teaching here, god knows who:

A. Linder @Alex_Linder
'smart' means centrally controlled. is that what you want?

i dont like sassy refrigeration any better than sassy women.

it is better, mein tots of non-tater. it is vervollgemacht, which is very nearly a real word

i must correct my own rhetoric

should have said "refrigeration." it gains a good 20% in guffaw power because of the attempt to eclipse mere specific things with august abstraction. sometime my inner german forgets to strangle-mock my inner anglo

i'm not kidding that mixing ethnicities is in many serious if not society-destroying ways fraught with miniature pinscher racial problems

the world really is, to some at least reasonably advanced extent, onto the jews

keep pushing

the Gibsmani tried to invade europe but the noble Etruscans beat the tar out of them

As a fellow jew, you can totally trust me. You know my nose is in the right place.

This is what we say among ourselves.


Alex Linder
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hey max. you grew up in new york. you ever notice that only about 99% of central bankers are ikes?

racithm bad, jewth good saith the Mong Party of One

as long as you dance like monkeys, they'll keep grinding the organ

Horrifying moment semi-truck FLIES off Dallas overpass and bursts into fireball - killing driver

looks like something out of Terminator

The episode, called Frozen Peaks, shows footage of a mating pair of eagles plucking baby chamois goats from the cliffs in the Italian cliffs and dropping them to their deaths before eating their remains.

But as the summer ended, much to the surprise of the film crew, a golden eagle was seen attacking an adult chamois goats in footage shared on BBC Breakfast this morning.

A 12-year-old Colorado boy, who was attacked by his pit bull named Diablo, is in recovery after he witnessed his grandma be torn apart by the hound. Ty and Mary Gehring, his 89-year-old grandma, were assaulted by the dog, whose name translates to Devil, on September 14. Another pit bull was also involved in the attack but wasn't identified.

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