Treating racism like it's a serious topic is by far the most unnerving thing about American political debate. Americans are plagued by unemployment, substance abuse, crime, failing infrastructure, broken to non-existent families, and mass incompetence, but they rather talk about racism.

Life hack: a dullard can get closer to truth than a philosopher by believing the opposite of what the media tells him.

No one looks at Jewish history in awe as they do Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Western, Indic, Sino, or Mesopotamian. Jews never created civilization. In fact, they are the only intelligent race who has never done so. There is no exception. Even savages got more done in central America before Spain came knocking. The Bible is fiction which slanders legitimate rulers and civilized peoples, and white Americans take it to heart. Pathetic.

America is a plutocracy that is ruled by a few cowards who would flee at the first sight of blood.

More absurd than the secularized Christian morality known as liberalism, which prevents whites from defending themselves, is that all of the races in the world have more in common with one another than Jews have with others. Jews specifically evolved into mendacious criminals of civilization by weaponizing foreign tongues against host populations, specifically, civilization-building ones. The Jews of yore who could not weaponize foreign tongues were bred out a long time ago.

The point is that the coronahoax is nothing new. It's an old tactic. Holocaust, weapons of mass destruction, etc. Terrorizing us with rampaging savages is nothing new. However, there is a reason for them, and while Jews play both sides, they seem more divided than usual. They are not on the same page internally as to whether a stooge like Biden is their best deal for foreign policy, or to continue with the current Netanyahu/right-wing/Kushner foreign policy.

Why did Jews lie about the coronavirus? I'm trying to build a timeline. What directly preceded this, other than the Kushner-Trump involvement in Israeli's right-wing-led encroachment into the Jordan Valley, a key strategic location for Israel? A lot of leftist Jews disagree with the plan. Clearly, Jews love to torture us, but they could have done this anyway at any time. Jews have always had internal disagreements, but there is some rift which is leading them into a frenzy. I am unsure what.

This virus is the biggest jewish media hoax in my lifetine since the Iraq war. I'm incredibly angry how many decent folk I've witnessed lose their jobs and sanity over this. Worse still, those who are unaffected are pushing for even stricter controls, which will lead to worse conditions for average workers. The stress is breaking families. I am well, and I hope you are too. Whatever you do, don't stay indoors. Cabin fever will metastasize into something nasty before you realize it.

25% of millennials will never marry. The other 75% will encounter high rates of divorce and single motherhood, depending on their sex. Never in history has a high culture flirted so dangerously close to collapse prior to its natural end. That takes a special type of insanity-nearing hubris; one which will never be exemplified by any civilization thenceforth, for the same reason we do not meddle in alchemy and other silly superstitious absurdity.

@Alex_Linder what are the main publications written by jews for jews that whites should follow?

Israel, not America first. Neocons and libs agree on that. Anyone who runs some kind of huckster "nationalism for all peoples", including for jews, are purposefully dishonest. Europids are the only ones who need nationalism for the sole purpose of ethnic survival.

GoDaddy stole Michael Scheuer's domain under the pretence that his speech was violent. Couching his Israel and American foreign policy criticism in Ron Paulesque republicanism, appealing to American mores and normalcy, and invoking the Constitution didn't deter censorship. He received the Anglin treatment nonetheless, showing that it's not Nazis and racists, but bold men speaking truth in public who are America's number one enemies.

Invite your friends to pieville. If they question its legitimacy and veracity in the wake of failures like gab, point out the vnn forum's longevity and commitment to fairness. People will dick around for hours on small-time discord servers where they can be doxed and harassed. This is clearly better. They don't need to be sold all too hard, only coaxed.

Among the many ancient refuations of Christianity, few survive only as excerpts within voluminous responses by Christians. Christian leaders burnt the works of Poriphyry, Celsus, and others, while retaining their apologetics in cowardly fashion, so that only their apologetics remain to be read by future generations. It's a Christian trick to destroy and rewrite history, and liberals learned from Christ's people.

To understand liberalism, one must understand Christianity. Liberal ethics are Christian ethics, secularized, institutionalized, and injected into the young before they can string together cogent thought. Where it concerns mankind, recognizing trends and instituting constraints on behavior are not only seen as wrong, but unthinkable. To a liberal mind, disorder is indistinguishable from order.