Der lachende Mann/The Laughing Man – Bekenntnisse eines Mörders (GDR, 1966 - ENGLISH SUBTITLES)

The Master said: “The court eunuchs praise the artifice of the natural philosophers, yet they have removed their own nature. They praise their vast knowledge, yet ignore statistics. They call themselves humanitarian (仁), yet they hate the men over which they rule. How can the State (國家) claim the Mandate of Heaven (天命) when it is run by men who mock Heaven with their existence?

1:17:00 is where the clip of the chabad rabbi talking about exterminating the hated goyim begins.

reminds me of Serpent's Walk.
at 1:46:00 in particular

They who worship a jew on sunday will serve a jew on monday.

Avenge the Si-Teh-Cah is my only real motivation.

how do you identify a jewish football team?

it has eleven nose tackles and no quarterback

“They were regarded as little above the level of brutes, and in some cases were destroyed like vermin.


One could guess the whole drama from that little text. The curtain was up. It would not fall until the mastership of one party or the other was determined—and permanently:

“There was treachery on both sides. The Blacks killed the Whites when they found them defenseless, and the Whites slew the Blacks in a wholesale and promiscuous fashion which offended against my childish sense of justice.

i always remember that white strawberry scientist, eric bish, who was murdered by a retarded nigger. i like to think of bish in a lab developing a strawberry that punches birds that try to eat it. whites are capable of amazing things if they keep niggers and jews out of their environment.

absolutely noone:
Windows: Ann Frank's diary

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