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@booteille @BadAtNames You are openly using a Mastodon instance. Gargron, the creator of Mastodon, is an open promoter of incest.
Actual human beings tend to frown on incest.
Do you recognize incest has consequences?
Will you promote an application that features pro-Mastodon (pro-incest) branding?
Will you support restrictions on incest promoters like Gargron?

The conservative case for replacing professional conservatives.

"Those guys are fags!" --J. Spicoli

Despite being just 11% of all astronauts, women commit 100% of space crime.

2021 vs 2019 shows no change in the trend

Sacklers, pushers of OxyContin, win "sweeping immunity from opioid lawsuits" in bankruptcy court.
Real shocker there, huh? What percentage of White American families have been directly harmed or destroyed due to their actions?They should be paying in blood.

MP Alexei Zhuravlyov also pointed at a screen showing Kiwi trans athlete Hubbard, referring to her participation as 'smut and perversion.'

Over on Channel One, a presenter donned a wig to mock Hubbard.

Channel One host Anatoly Kuzichev donned a wig to mock Hubbard and branded trans people 'psychopaths' and said they needed psychiatric treatment

some writers can remember and convey childhood feelings really well. dahl is one. stephen king is too.

Today’s “transchildren” are tomorrow’s serial killers.

Peace deals = Paying real semites to like israel

just as mennonites and amish are lumped under 'Anabaptists'

we lump libertarians and conservatives under 'cowards'

Rally in Madrid on Monday commemorating the "blue division" of Hitler's army, made up of 50k Spanish fascists.

"the jew is the guilty one."

Truly retarded lie. But dangerous nonetheless.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has claimed, without providing any hard evidence, that the Islamic terrorist organization Al-Qaeda has established a new base in Iran.

“We must acknowledge it, we must confront it… we must defeat it,” Pompeo said during a press event on Tuesday held specifically to make the bold announcement.

“We ignore this Iran-Al-Qaeda nexus at our own peril,” he added.

to explain jews to people and win them over you simply find which aspect of 'america' they hate and trace it back to jews. the things that are wrong or bad in this country are mostly the result of policies, and ALL of those policies were advocated by jews, and MOST of them were written by jews. it's really not tricky. you dont need to persuade anyone, the facts do that. you just need to put the idea in their mind, as it's a conception they wont have encountered on tv or in schools.

it's a fact jews alone wrote Authoritarian Personality, a pseudo-scientific tract that asserts All Whites Are Hitlers. the jews big-lie that Actual Hitler tried to exterminate them, but the big-truth is that, whether jews believe that lie or not, jews are trying to exterminate whites for the sin of existing.

We Whites observe, not claim, observe, based on evidence & history, that jews are a race of liars, criminals and murderers. they respond that whites are a race of hitlers.

Do you know what Solshenitzyn regretted the most about how the Russians acted during and after the Judeo-Bolshevist takeover and subsequent terror against wrong-thinkers?

That they didn't rise up and physically fight back.

Good Niggers wuz always Turnin' Dey Life Aroun' 'n' Sheeit, huh.

That said, fuck peeigs like that Chauvin: he should've thrown the monkey in the car, not knelt on its greasy neck for 8 minutes. Remember: what they'll do to a nigger, they'll certainly do to you - shit, we're far more likely to get that thuggery, since they all know the kikemedia wouldn't care.

And I don't like the blank look on that scumbag's face, either.

Euphemisms and proxies work when you are in power. Not the other way around as most WNs think today.

hitler et al. represented the ONLY serious and successful white response to judaism - and any future successful response will duplicate the original in all essentials. jews havent changed their tricks, after all. they just find new technical means for amplifying or enhancing them.

the only basis for whites defending themselves is racial. religious cant work, particularly not a crank cult formed by jews themselves. i mean, it is to laugh that this needs explaining.

I reset my YouTube cookie and now I get to see what Google feeds to the normies, and it's all fucking Hollywood and mainstream media trash.

Google employees should kill themselves.

Can black people pick an n-word that’s harder to say so this shit stops happening?

RT @[email protected]

Earlier today, while reporting on the tragic news of Kobe Bryant’s passing, I unfortunately stuttered on air, combining the names of the Knicks and the Lakers to say “Nakers.” Please know I did not & would NEVER use a racist term. I apologize for the confusion this caused.


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