@[email protected] So @[email protected] has officially stated that they are 100% fine with virtual child pornography of 8 year old girls being raped, but they condemn dissident political views and endorse bugchasing youtube.com/watch?v=56Bc9Uoxkl

@BillShortening @BadAtNames @fdroidorg
Always the same crap... Did you just read what they wrote in the article?
Not being on the same opinion than you means being your enemy and endorsing all the shit of the world? Come on, grow up.

@booteille @[email protected] @[email protected] Yes, I did. FDroid has taken an open stance in favor of the suppression of positive political speech.
They take no stand in favor of the suppression of incest pornography, while Gargron likes to masturbate to.
Human beings would tend to advocate the latter, but if principled, not the former.
Are you a human being?


@booteille @[email protected] You are openly using a Mastodon instance. Gargron, the creator of Mastodon, is an open promoter of incest.
Actual human beings tend to frown on incest.
Do you recognize incest has consequences?
Will you promote an application that features pro-Mastodon (pro-incest) branding?
Will you support restrictions on incest promoters like Gargron?

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