Nearly 6-pound 'Toadzilla' found in Australia breaks the record for largest toad

@TheIronHeart You better believe those badgeniggers'd do that to a white boy in a heartbeat, though.

The Pottenger Cat Study demonstrates how cats degenerate when exposed to enzyme-deficient cooked food.

The mental status of the deficient-diet cats showed considerably more irritability & unpredictable behavior patterns in the females.

The males became more docile with a drop in sexual interest. A role reversal in the cats was observed, with the males becoming more docile and the females becoming more aggressive.

Increased same-sex sexual activities were observed.

@z_everson @Travis_View great episodes indeed. I'm spreading it around to any of my fellow National Socialists who still believe Tulsi is potentially honest and pro-white, rather than the conservative tool of the jews that she undoubtedly is.

Hey it's crazy that everything the Jew-ridden 'British' empire accused the Germans of, they were doing themselves. Who'd have thought?

@TheIronHeart Even if he has some strange excuse, like 'Prince William dared me to marry a woman Harvey Weinstein had turned out', he could hardly have done worse.

Trump is a jew loving vaxx pusher who's continued presence in politics is keeping whites asleep, by giving them the false hope that he will actually change anything. The sooner Trump exits the political scene the quicker whites wake up

109 expulsions means 109 periods of misery for goyim.

do ya SEE the problem here?

immediately jews move as one to cut kanye west's money. that he has much isnt the point. this is how they act toward all critics of any color who have fans/professional qualifications/respect in any form. it's a way of beheading any potential competition

the long and short of it is those who dont want to exist as slaves under a planetary jewish slave System must come together and physically exterminate jews.

kanye west just shows how absolutely contemptibly gutless ALL white politicians are, including Ron Paul

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