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Good Niggers wuz always Turnin' Dey Life Aroun' 'n' Sheeit, huh.

That said, fuck peeigs like that Chauvin: he should've thrown the monkey in the car, not knelt on its greasy neck for 8 minutes. Remember: what they'll do to a nigger, they'll certainly do to you - shit, we're far more likely to get that thuggery, since they all know the kikemedia wouldn't care.

And I don't like the blank look on that scumbag's face, either.

Euphemisms and proxies work when you are in power. Not the other way around as most WNs think today.

hitler et al. represented the ONLY serious and successful white response to judaism - and any future successful response will duplicate the original in all essentials. jews havent changed their tricks, after all. they just find new technical means for amplifying or enhancing them.

the only basis for whites defending themselves is racial. religious cant work, particularly not a crank cult formed by jews themselves. i mean, it is to laugh that this needs explaining.

I reset my YouTube cookie and now I get to see what Google feeds to the normies, and it's all fucking Hollywood and mainstream media trash.

Google employees should kill themselves.

Can black people pick an n-word that’s harder to say so this shit stops happening?

RT @[email protected]

Earlier today, while reporting on the tragic news of Kobe Bryant’s passing, I unfortunately stuttered on air, combining the names of the Knicks and the Lakers to say “Nakers.” Please know I did not & would NEVER use a racist term. I apologize for the confusion this caused.


I had always heard the complaints that they were wolves in sheep's clothing, then the other week I read a quote from the head of it back during the FDR admin who said he didn't support people carrying handguns.

Fuck those scum.

I think Jews like saying that Hitler was a Jew or worked with Wall Street because it is intended to take the wind out of our sails. They like to say that hitler was a Jew or worked for the Jews. Totally bogus. They're just trying to fuck with our minds to make us doubt a white man who was a true hero of our race. The ONLY white man to really fight the Jews.

'Member he giant rallies for stopping the (((Mid East wars))) when Boosh was the butt-puppet of the moment? I 'member.

They're still going on.

This latest bathtub fart will have the same sort of decisive impact.

"The voice actor who plays the Indian character Apu in The Simpsons has said he is stepping down from the role, following years of controversy.

White actor Hank Azaria has performed the voice of the Indian convenience store owner since the character was created in 1990.

But the character has been accused of reinforcing racial stereotypes."

[email protected] explains how US Secretary of State John Kerry admitted that the Obama administration intentionally let ISIS grow to try to weaken the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad

So Iran and Qassem Soleimani — who was just killed by Donald Trump — stopped ISIS in its tracks


Fuckin marketing. It’s so depressing how true this is.

"'nazis' were controlled by london"
"fdr was a great man who saved america until he died"
"bankers caused the great depression to institute FASCISM"

the people who write this drivel deserve to be castrated and docked of their ears and tongue.

@BillShortening The Protocols say that they will launch different ideologies to confuse the entire situation. It needs to be reduced to jew vs aryan. Everything else is a distraction. But alas, the jew has most of us in its grip...

"I am coming more and more to believe that by 1958 the cancer had eaten too deeply into the vitals of America to be arrested in its growth by any medication, however drastic, and that the disease had already reached the terminal stage at which there could be only one prognosis, the lingering death of a nation that was irremediably doomed – the nation of which we are now witnessing the death-throes, an agony that will probably be prolonged for several years."

- RPO in 1985

the type of person that wants power is exactly the type you dont want running things.

i want power, by the way

my intentions are groovy. you know that.

"14 million jew lives are not worth an Aryan's ass hair" - Rebbe Adolf Heinrich Goebbels

>After doing more research I am convinced that the story of the Tulsa race riot in 1921 has been systematically falsified. The US government commissioned a report on the riot in 1996. It was delivered in 2001. It's bullshit, filled with stories about the plight of blacks and photos of lynchings unrelated to the Tulsa events in order to "set the stage." Why do they need to set the stage? They need to set the stage in order to prejudice the reader towards a particular view, one that has become essentially the common wisdom in America today. Whitey bad, muh innocent kangz of black wall street dindu nuffin.

>The accounts are mostly from oral histories from supposedly surviving blacks. They are lurid and over the top as you would expect. One such account from a black lawyer named B.C. Franklin, written in 1931, is utterly fantastic, yet taken at face value. There are no "oral histories" from the white survivors. But documents from police and national guard all talk about a negro uprising, and their work in suppressing it. This evidence today is taken to mean the government was complicit in the rioting. Of course. Gonna do a bit on this on the show. Still prepping. What a total farce this country is.

>Imagine if all we knew of Ferguson came from "oral histories" from the blacks that survived and government and police documents concerning the events were assumed to be racist and lying. What would the story look like? LMAO. Government documents are only assumed to not be lying if they can in some way verify the narrative. One National Guard report is taken seriously because the guardsman talks about a group of whites firing on the black part of town. Of course he told them to stop, and they did.

>Here is an example of a National Guard report. The guardsman talks about engaging armed blacks several times, arresting blacks and moving them to detention centers and coming on a black settlement and taking cover from all the gunfire coming out of it. At no point does he describe roving bands of whites killing blacks at will or burning and looting black areas. At no point does he have to engage with any armed white rioters. From this it is assumed the government was simply taking part in the riot on the white side. I doubt it. The 1996 govt commission assumes that this report and many others like it were part of a racist conspiracy, but takes the "oral histories" of the blacks at face value. The report even talks of blacks valiantly defending their homes! LOL! Truly thunderstriking!

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