I'm going to send a link to something about Walt Disney and the Jews that I did. It's a topic we'll return to later. In my latest R&D it seems to me the Jews are trying their damndest to hide the fact that Walt Disney hated Jews. They've been massively rewriting the wikipedia page. This embarrasses them hugely. So spread Walt Disney and Jew stuff as much as you can. I have something special in this regard. We'll revisit it.

@historyreviewed ...a little about Disney's struggle against the JEWS to retain control of his studio can be examined at this page: user1252122.sites.myregistered

@Blair19_49 Thank you so much for these finds because I took a lot of heat from other people who say Disney was a bad guy. But it's clear he's racial.


@historyreviewed ...The JEWS always demonize anyone that pushes back against their evil designs... from Ford to Disney to Lindbergh to Hitler, etc. And they murder those with the power to dismantle their evil designs such as Harding, Patton, the Kennedys, etc.

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