An appeal court in Berlin confirmed the conviction and 12-month jail sentence against 93-year-old publisher and author Ursula Haverbeck.

Her “crimes” involved expressing her opinions on German history, and asking “forbidden” questions about the so-called Holocaust.

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Who — or What — Are the Jews?

Source: National Vanguard

by James Harting

Adolf Hitler wrote, “The mightiest counterpart to the Aryan is represented by the Jew.” But what, exactly, do we mean when we say the word “Jews?”

The question has been sincerely asked: “What is the problem, Jews, or the Jewish cult? Are Jews simply people with a horrible religion that makes the things they do justified in their minds?”


...some info regarding Walt Disney's War With The JEWS to retain control of his studio and holdings can be examined here: user1252122.sites.myregistered

Jew Chuck Schumer (the self-described "guardian of Israel") flatly states that Barak Obama was literally created by wealthy Chicago families (PRITZKERS-KLUTZNIKS_EMANUELS) and rest assured that Jews have the power to create any and all Presidents which renders American presidential politics a pathetic farce, Joe Biden for instance... see here:

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