It's a sign of how much our world has degenerated that a catholic, balding, fat, little manlet like Francisco Franco had more balls than any white conservative alive today

@Alex_Linder Btw, Rockwell in white power was not correct on the JFK assassination. You need to read Michael Collins Piper's Final Judgement which you can find a pdf online of for free. Basically, to sum it up, israel had JFK killed because he opposed israel getting nuclear weapons, which they of course need as a key for them attaining world dominion

Daily reminder that white leftists are jews in all but biology

People rightfully bring up the Robert E. Lee quote about how everywhere whites go things get better, but another apt quote of his is: "I think it would be better for Virginia if she could get rid of them. (Meaning blacks)That is no new opinion with me."

Only known audio recording of the voice of H.L. Mencken, for anyone interested

Black criminal who raped and murdered innocent white boy back in 1985, is given more time to fight execution. Pure clown world, in a sane world, all of these animals would be lined up against a wall and machine gunned

"Which may never heal." Jews never forgive and never forget.

Saw a documentary recently on the Boers in South Africa, and the whites there had a confederate flag hanging up and had a German member of the luftwaffe there to give a speech. There's a reason the jews wanted to destroy the whites of South Africa so badly

Why the fuck does even mastodon have to have retards on it. There's already a platform for you losers, it's called twitter

Quick reminder that anybody who screeches about stopping "misinformation" on social media, is either a jew, a communist, a faggot, or all three

Be a southern christian who loves the jews, have the jews shit on you anyway in their media. No greater example of cucking

The long nosed media really does love constantly talking about how Mississippi is the worst state in the union, don't they?

Don't forget that today is Martin Luther King day, goyim. The day the feds celebrate an anti white, anti southern, communist scumbag who led the south's third reconstruction, and laid the seed of the destruction of white America in general. He also opposed Hendrik Verwoerd and Ian Smith but supported the jewish racial state in israel. Which of course makes sense, he was bankrolled by jews after all...

It really is amazing how much jew speak whites suck down and adopt. "Racist", "xenophobe", "homophobe", "transphobe'", "islamophobe", "anti vaxxer" "anti masker", "conspiracy theorist" and of course the biggest one: "anti semite". They are all bogus terms and anyone who uses the enemy language has already lost the battle

An easy lesson for whites to learn is this: jews always take and never give. Every race that has ever been "tolerant" of them has always been attacked and preyed upon by them anyway. Caesar supported them and they rose up to try and destroy Rome anyway. An example today is all of the southern whites who love jews and jews constantly demonize and attack southern whites anyway. No mercy or kindness should ever be shown to this race

Most of what passes for English nationalism is so rotten to the core. Imagine having a supposed nationalism based around hating Germans and Boers rather than jews

How convenient that nobody on the allied side in ww2 was ever executed for war crimes, only those on the axis side. Same with the American civil war, only two southerners executed for war crimes but no northerners. Victors write the history books

Average whiteskin christian: "God does not believe in hatred." Average religious jew in israel: "I hope god exterminates the arabs." Gee, a religion that pushes hardline racialism versus one that does not, which do you think will win out, dummy?

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