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to get some actual progress, you have to get people to overcome the intellectual barrier to where they actually understand something. but then comes the second and often higher hurdle of being able to resist social pressure. few can make it over both hurdles.

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There it is! Bloomberg's data team in the process of adding the ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF to the terminal. Ticker will be $BITO. 95 bps -- less than half $GBTC's 2% fee. This thing is going live next week. Either Monday or Tuesday.

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have you ever seen the movie Harold and Maude? interesting in many ways, but i'm mentioning it for the way the kid keeps repeating certain things to provoke the 'correct' response from his mother.

i have made a version of this assertion many times.

jews care about the truth far more than Aryans do.

never had anyone object to that statement, or even acknowledge it.

my implicit assertion is: jews know the truth at all times - and deliberately lie. aryans are a dreamy people of tangent

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imagine a White -- all White -- White only -- nation with an economy based on perfectly hard money

it is to dream.

it is to realize.

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I went to a naturalization ceremony a few months ago. It was awful. To start with, the location listed on the program was wrong. The ceremony itself started 3 hours late. Yes, almost all of the immigrants there were non-white. Three different public officials gave speeches welcoming the new Americans; every one of the speakers compared America to a patchwork quilt, seemingly oblivious of the other speeches using the same cliche. Lunch was supposed to be provided, but it wasn't, so everyone there was irritated and hungry. The blacks working the PA system had no idea what they were doing, and the sound kept cutting out, which was a welcome relief from the reverb of the speakers. Nobody could follow instructions because they either couldn't hear or didn't understand English; this was unfortunate because apparently the speaker was saying the New Americans still had a lot of paperwork they needed to submit within some timeframe in order to get their new paperwork. Ah well.

I'm not making this up: The building itself where the ceremony was held used to be a synagogue, so the light shone through the 20 foot tall windows and cast giant "Stars of David" onto the smelly, hungry, irritated crowd of mostly non-whites, as they government officials on stage repeatedly assured all present that these new additions to the patchwork quilt were making the country stronger, more diverse.

The whole thing was a hellish affair, and it was the most accurate representation of America I've ever seen.
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As long as you are on the path to ruin, the Jew is on your side.

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the world is crashing.

are you rising?

is here to help you help yourself.

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Brandon Goodwin, an NBA player with the Atlanta Hawks, admitted recently that he got blood clots from the COVID vaccine that ended his season and possibly his career.

Goodwin said the NBA told him to keep it quiet.

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catholicism is off the rack one-size-fits-all

aryanism is bespoke

you will develop and flourish in an all-Aryan society in a way you never will in an all-catholic society like brazil

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@JimmyMarr yes - and they knew precisely what was wrong with catholicism - why did not and could not defend germany, whites, aryans, etc, from jews. look how the church reacted to NS - that's the key. it denounced it as morally evil and said the same for all racialism - it went far beyond any denunciation it ever offered of communism. the reason, as i so far as i know alone have explained is that catholicism realizes that racialism supersedes its own jew-worshipping (((raceless genericism))).

Hunter Wallace: "The censorship hasn’t worked. There is a tone of pleading and desperation in Brian Stelter’s squeaky voice. He is broadcasting into hostile territory. No one but coastal liberals and PMCs are watching and take him seriously. The “mainstream” has shrunk down to this tiny class of people." occidentaldissent.com/2021/10/

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Youtube recommended this to me. It's only 22 years ago. Unbelievable. I've said this before but the change we've witnessed the last two decades without a huge war or revoulution occurring has to be unparalleled in history.

Giggs' Unforgettable Solo Goal | Manchester United v Arsenal | FA Cup Semi Final 1999


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jewish innate criminality is the root cause of bitcoin

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[max keiser tweet]


This is a mathematically guaranteed outcome. 👍👍

“Bitcoin could trigger financial meltdown, warns Bank of England deputy | Cryptocurrencies | The Guardian

1/3 @Alex_Linder Interesting stuff here. Chris Cantwell has been in prison for 20+ months, the last while in Marion, Il, a little slice of hell that was once a supermax - it replaced Alcatraz - but now functions as one of two Communications Management Units (CMUs) in the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Inside a CMU, your connection to the outside is strictly limited. All contacts must be preapproved, and can be withdrawn without notice. Cantwell's ally, Jared Howe, had been recording their calls ...

2/3 @Alex_Linder ... and replaying them on his "So To Speak" podcast. That stopped months ago, when Howe's name was removed from Cantwell's approved contacts... until yesterday. Cantwell's now en route to C'ville, courtesy of the Feds, where he'll be defending himself in the Sines v Kessler civil case (begins 10/25). CMU rules don't apply for the moment.
Listen to the call (@17:30). In it Cantwell mentions that he's met some "very smart guys" recently, who are advising him on how to proceed. ...

3/3 @Alex_Linder (burying the lede big-time, LOL) Those guys? Matt Hale and Bill White, two race-warriors who've been fucked much worse than CC has. Seems White (a VERY big-brained guy, though troubled) has been penning motions for CC, causing prosecutors massive butthurt (it's sickening, how these Jews bristle at any semblance of fair play) Also, Cantwell discusses the final meeting before the UTR rally, which he videotaped, and two guys he now suspects were informants. jaredhowe.net/s-o-t-o-s-p-e-a-

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The Swedish health authority Wednesday cited new data on the increased risk of heart inflammation as a reason for the pause for those aged 30 and under. Denmark will stop giving the shot to those younger than 18.

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Ubiquitous tats 'n' backward ball caps...sick of the sight of you, "bros".

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Racial solidarity takes precedence for blacks beyond every other race except maybe Jews, and this is what it leads to. The fucking nigger ref ignoring this guy getting brain injured because his nigger brother was doing the beating.
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