The Chicago Tribune is demoting its lead columnist, John Kass, after 37 years on the job. Kass is being accused of spreading "antisemitic tropes" in his article last week connecting Soros-backed PACs to the current trend of lawlessness in this nation. The Trib was, at one time, the most conservative paper in the United States.

Chicago Tribune's John Kass on the new trend of "woke" prosecutors in big cities, and the Soros backed PACs spending like never before to ensure they're elected. Who better to have on your side if violent revolution is the goal?

The Forward ran a story today that employees at the Auschwitz Memorial have been finding notes in the shoes of child death camp victims. The Twitter thread with replies? Priceless.

Former ADL head (and current racketeer) Abe Foxman coming out of retirement to save the starving Jews? This story claims that half of the 40,000 Holocaust survivors in and around NYC are living in poverty. Talk about brazen lies by omission: "nearly two-thirds of Holocaust survivors (in the U.S.) live on less than $23,000 annually". Germany alone has paid Holocaust survivors over $80 BILLION since 1952. They will pay a minimum of $524 million in 2020.

TRS does three hours with scientist / Holocaust revisionist Germar Rudolf, discussing his life and pursuit of truth. He fled Germany, Spain, and England before being denied asylum in the U.S. (despite having an American wife and child) and sent back 'home' to be imprisoned for wrongthink. He's now living in Pennsylvania, still speaking truth.

At least 18 cops injured last night in Chicago's Grant Park. Seemed they were standing down, allowing mob to deface & destroy statue until fireworks and blunt objects began challenging them for space.

Owen Benjamin & fans giving Patreon headaches.