Jews simply make beating them illegal. "The charges are a potentially tectonic shift in how the federal government tries to enforce laws against election interference. False claims about elections on the internet and social media have been a major problem, with large platforms including Facebook and Twitter trying to limit their spread."

@C_Moose only rigged games allowed, whether in political discussions or stock market

@Alex_Linder Yeah, that's why everyone's giddy over GameStop's exponential rise this week - one for the little guys. But it is such a rare occurance.

@C_Moose please post if you see a full article explaining the whole thing. i get the gist but would like to read more.

and great catch on the ricky vaugn. he was a good influencer. but he was no WN and embracing him was completely wrong. but calling him a criminal is typical jew bullshit.

@Alex_Linder When I posted it, there was a Bloomberg link, but I changed it to an NBC news link. That one has more info, so check it out if you haven't already. This is the DOJ release:

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