"Mr. Bond" has been arrested in Austria. (I used Google translate) "The Vienna Public Prosecutor's Office is investigating him under the Prohibition Act (production and dissemination of Nazi ideas) and incitement."
His home was raided on January 20 and "data carriers, weapons, a Reich war flag, Nazi devotional items, song texts and a small mixer were discovered. "Mr. Bond" was arrested and transferred to the Klagenfurt prison." His name was not included in the story.

@C_Moose There was a lot of speculation of whether he'd been swooped... sad to see he finally did get swooped.

@MaceDindu yeah, it sucks. I hope he has family or close friends around to fight for him.

@alcade Pretty sure that would be for producing his music. We'd be more likely to call it a mixing board. Assholes are probably charging him w copyright infringement.

@charliebrownau @alcade LOL - Second-hand mixmasters were prominent in Hitler's evil plans!

@Alex_Linder Guys knew he was Austrian, he may have mentioned it on Gab. I hadn't heard anything from him in quite awhile, probably since before the Pittsburgh shooting. I know he became disillusioned w/ the Alt-Right (TRS & Anglin). He always had good things to say about you, though.

@C_Moose yeah i was never in that scene but he had some good stuff, and i recall he said some nice things. had no idea he was european.

@Alex_Linder I thought it was weird he did so much rap & told that to a younger fan of his. The guy told me that Mr Bond had online followers writing the lyrics & picking the songs he'd cover most of the time.

@Alex_Linder @C_Moose If you wanna get autistic nazi... Parodies are p jewy. I enjoyed a good deal of em though!

@Alex_Linder @C_Moose Always assumed he was English with the accent and all...

@C_Moose Total bullshit.... Mr. Bond did nothing wrong!!!

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