EMJ on White Supremacists being a "growing transnational threat": "This has got to be one of the dumbest, most preposterous statements I've heard in my life. This is a complete fabrication on the part of the oligarchs, trying to demonize a group of people who are simply trying to stay alive, and survive under really horrible conditions."

EMJ started off really strong & finished well, but as the debate went on he reverted to his "if they can get you to identify as White, you're doomed" narrative. Still, that insufferable Anglo cuck he opposed made him the voice of reason.

@C_Moose this is why i've said identity is the wrong word to use. it lets liars claim white is a choice rather than a fact. the catholic liars move around, similar to hitler's description of jews in vienna. sometimes they admit race exists, but say that valuing it is worshipping your own blood (when you should be swallering jesus effluvium like a gud boi). other times they deny it exists. i've never heard jones asked whether federal discrimination ends if you lie that you're not white.

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