"Most frightening are the parallels he draws between rodent and human society. “I shall largely speak of mice,” he begins, “but my thoughts are on man.” Both species, he explains, are vulnerable to two types of death—that of the spirit and that of the body. Even though he had removed physical threats, doing so had forced the residents of Universe 25 into a spiritually unhealthy situation, full of crowding, overstimulation, AND CONTACT WITH VARIOUS MOUSE STRANGERS."


When you get your chinese AIDS stimulus check, be sure to donate some of it to charities that help rapefugees and sexual deviants in pissrael.

A behind the scenes view of gab's technical people...

Gab is so fucking broken, and nobody is even working on it I don't think.

Isn't is nice for Boeing that the US government is doing a mercy kill of their business?

That allows people to say "it's not Boeing's fault they need a bailout."

Oh, all those people killed because of Boeing's commitment to diversity and fuckups on the 737 MAX can go fuck themselves, and who cares that Boeing was already in trouble because of declining orders ...

AIPAC vs J Street: Pro-Israel Lobby Loses Ally as Progressives Score Win in Illinois

Marie Newman - who was supported by Sanders, Warren and AOC - managed to oust incumbent Dan Lipinski and supports conditioning aid to Israel


Gonna lose my pro by the looks of it.

Gab works like shit, none of their stuff has come to pass, but someone is sitting back there looking at billing. lol

Looking at my inbox... don’t really need to have all these deeply meaningful messages from all those CEO’s about their great concern for me. Just keep your products humming and don’t make things worse, ok? It all reeks of the worst, most ingenious PR spin.

I'd like to see a law making it illegal for any jet to fly with under thirty passengers. Let the climate change people get behind that.

The chinese AIDS is still less of a menace than the jewish plague.

The electoral timing of this virus is quite the little miracle.

Kind of astounding of how it's a biologically induced replay of the economic crisis of '08 that put Obama in office.

It's not like China has any interest in trying to stop Trump's reelection.

It's not like the media and the Deep State, especially the CIA, have any interest in trying to stop Trump's reelection.

They all just got super lucky. 😂

Forget about bullshit Coronavirus, this is the plague we should be dealing with

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