what makes at least fifteen things immediately advance in our direction? there's only one answer to that question.

killing the enemy

@Alex_Linder Greaseball Cuomo & the other N.E./West coast commie governors are using this Covid 19 opportunity to "cleverly" kill as many Clumpf voters as possible; given the fact that they've also given immunity from lawsuits to the nursing homes who carried out their snuff orders, it would be justice if some enraged members of the grieving families of their victims decided to give them some badly-needed ballistic brain surgery.

Feetsball fag Jewlian Meddleman cashes in his 1/16th share of jew genes to buy some blue chip virtue signal stock and sell out on primetime primate fund that wasn't paying usual hate Whitey dividends

Whites must shatter the rusty chain of Christianity that, along with material comfort, prevents them from rising up to butcher those who are in the process of butchering them this very minute.

Throw away the Book of Lies and take up the gun.

Black lives matter signs sprouting up in peoples' lawns in and around my 99 percent White, rural area as the disease spreads. There is no antidote of fact, logic or reason that can cure those infected. Christianity 2.0 is more akin to Mad Cow Disease. All you can do is destroy the cows.

@Marko Patriotards are 'TARDS.
They love pigs & Ol' Glory, anything that represents the Authority they've been taught to venerate all their lives against the more obvious kike-created iconoclastic commie scum; the fact that pigs under the control of the feds represented by that flag have protected the gutter scum while persecuting those who defend against them like Fields never enters their "minds".

Now playing wherever an asshole sticks a phone in your face, 'The Masque of the Red Death'


Atlanta apes are goin' primate
Lives don't really matter at all
A day in the 'hood and we up to no good
Bullets flyin' thick as our skulls
Daddies are in prison cuz of many bad decisions
None of them are much too bright
Lookin' ta shoot when there's nothin' ta loot
We can always blame it on you Whites
Ohhh crackahs thought they could integrate us
sheeit Didn't that work out well
Now Saturday night's alright for chimpin'
Welcome to your third world hell

Fort Hood hood chops up GI Jane like wood, with bullet makes himself good while we believe mudshark mate also should

"We are putting all our resources into this" proclaims doughy Sheriff Todd as dyslexic Swastikas appear in wispy-red KKKrylon, a portent surely of gas chambers, lampshades and masturbation machines to come!


Pinched from Kirksville Today:
Source: NFL plans to play Black national anthem before Week 1 games


I can't recall; is the black national anthem 'Jungle Boogie' or the theme from Shaft?

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