On top of everything else they are doing to Trump, there is even talk he won't be eligible for the next stimmy check. Bastards!

@SystemSock @Terry

>Actually having committed a crime

Lol we smelled weed on them

@Someguy Jebus is the great ball & chain that is enabling White genocide. Right now.

The way to deal with jews is admit they are a different species, a type of vermin, and exterminate them.

Alright, let me pitch this to ya...2024. 'MAGA II: The God Emperor Tweets Back'

This will be 3d Star Wars edition Stratego that those libs never see coming! The plan, baby, the plan!

the valuable thing is not the name, not the flag, not even the traditions, which are mostly imaginary or negative. the valuable part of 'America' is the white population.

what do you do when you cant get a single court to examine the proof election was stolen?

you start killing media and judges

Will the FSE cucks still claim that we just need to vote harder? Or will they admit their mistakes?


Virgin Judas: Betrays jesus for 30 pcs of silver

Chad Judas: Betrays jesus for 30 BTC

@JimmyMarr Bitcoin on a rampage. I am late to the coin cotillion, looking to get my feet wet. Any other up and comer cryptos you are bullish on? Or is Bitcoin going to go Highlander on them as there can be only one?

in 2022 i'm not going to be insulting the various kins of munch i like to, well, feast on.

it's not my job to make the gerbil into the man

the gerbil has to look inside itself and decide to increase.

the right way for us on to proceed is to talk basically only to ourselves. and to any honest investigators. have no truck with jews, leftists or alt-leftists called conservatives, the when's-dinner-portly-chortlers who belong to Team My Money.

Exterminating jews, niggers and sundry shitskins can be empowering, stunning and brave!

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