Is Lyn Alden a tranny? Can someone check "her" luggage portfolio?

"WHAT we've got here is...a FAILURE to EXTERMINATE.

I don't like it any more than you men."

Pieville exclusive! @Roscoe and yours truly granted extremely rare privilege to explore and film the Utopian high tech paradise of Wakanda!

Never realized what a heebywood pair of shitbags Clark Gable and Loretta Young were. Loretta latching on to the "date rape" excuse when in her eighties to excuse her despicable behavior concerning her and Gable's secret child is a classic example of women never taking responsibility for their misdeeds.

A snuggly 2 below zero tonight in WNY. Feels like 22 below with the wind chill, they say. I'll take their word for it.

We could and should be living in the greatest times EVER for Aryans, a golden age, and we're not.

(((christianity))) is a huge reason why. The jew part is obvious -- and we all say it, and keep saying it. But the christian is part of the jew part - it's part of our INTERNAL problem that we can clear up ourselves, REGARDLESS of what any jew does or thinks.

Christianity is the hostile opposite of the White cause because it is anti-racial by doctrine.

Just think of all the jew cock you have to shop-vac to get a puss like that.

Sounds like the feetsball nog is awake and not brain dead. How you determine that with nigs is splitting hairs though.

Anyone have a chart or stats comparing the cases of rape in Sweden before and after the influx of turd worlders? Need to educate a shitlib on the actual effects of diversity.

Ya know, I gotta say I'm feeling rather spry for an older guy now on his second winter of misery and death.

Curious if any of you out there are bothering to vote. I do not. Due to Gerrymandering, my rural, White area is "represented" by the city sheboon which means even in a legitimate vote count, it has no chance of losing. At governor I have the choice of jew fellating shrew or actual jew sporting what looks like a mestizo wife and kids. Murrica, fuck yeah.

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