Daughter forgives nigger for killing her mother and hires him when he gets out of prison. He then kills her too

To stop the spread of monkey pox I think we are going to need to flatten the perv.

If only this had been settled by a winner take all bout between Wladimir Klitschko and Ivan Drago as I suggested early on. So many lives could have been saved.

@Someguy A man who is under the heel of the kike is not living a truly good, fulfilling life. There can be happy aspects to such an existence, but there must always be the chafing knowledge that he's not a free man.

Most of us aren't completely free, and less so all the time now. It's a matter of degree.

the key is not to surround the capital but to burn it down

Joe Rogan- multi-millionaire, top rated media personality buckles to irrelevant, third rate boomer rocker has-beens.

Ursula Haverbeck- 90+ grandma tells German government and its world kike masters to go fuck themselves.

You can't tattoo and steroid your way to courage and character.

Why are these steroid bathing pseudo-tough guys always the biggest sacks of cucked shit?

Re: the SCOTUS ruling..

They got what they wanted. They normalized vaccine mandates.

It's death by a thousand regulations.

There was something in that vaccine shot
My heart just stopped - Mrnando!

NY Assembly Bill Gives the NY Governor Power to Detain Suspected Case, Contacts or Carriers of Contagious Disease for up to 3 Months – Renewable in 3 Month Increments, Apparently Indefinitely; Possible Forced Medication-Vaccination miningawareness.wordpress.com/

All these kike-brainwashed race traitor cunts love to cry crocodile tears and rend their rainbow-colored tie-dyed garments over the "genocide" of the wagon-burners. What you never hear any of them mention are injun atrocities against Whites at the beginning when we were weak & few in number, like the 1622 massacre at Jamestown when they slaughtered 400 or so Whites: a full third of the population in one fell swoop.

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