It looks as if Whites will need to do some mandatory vaccinating of our own on jewed government sometime soon:

Get your virus burqua on infidel, else Fluhammad will get judicial on your ass.

"Go tell the government, man that is outside, that here obedient to their lockdown, we hide."

-2020 American epitaph


Fauci running a fixed mob-like racket padding record of his Primo Carnera virus with a cast of gurneymen and tomato grans.

So this population that spends every minute of its existence head slumped to cell phone, purchasing all its chink goods via Amazon and binge watching Netflix suddenly has a problem with isolation? Nigga pleeze...

On my rounds delivering for my job, some customers wearing bandanas over their snoots and pie holes. Hard to stifle the belly laughs seeing people dressing like villains from The Rifleman.

Actual posts in my local CL Musicians' forum:

"You really are a moron! Open your eyes-do you think the freezer trucks outside the hospitals in New York are to store food? No, we don't live in NYC, but this shit is real! Wake UP!!"
"True ignorance. How is it that you think it's spreading then idiot?
Overblown? You think this pandemic is being overblown? You need to learn the facts."

Very few sharp notes in this soyboy band ballad of cuckrock.

Just finished this book and highly recommend. Filled with little known facts and insights into the mind of Hitler and the treachery that befell the Reich. Support Carolyn Yeager, a true champion of truth

Cuomo the homo now shutting down construction in Jew York, word is because workers down state just don't want to work. State workers perhaps? looking to scunge and sponge on taxpayers? Meanwhile upstate private sectors being decimated in domino effect. Lots of badge fags about though, harassing citizens who dare to be on the road after certain hours without letters of transit. Interesting times.

Ya see there is no queer on high for the christcuck guy caring and doting on you. Mother nature is your caregiver and she's a single mom making pouty-lipped selfies for the thirsty beta-verse while humanity crawls over to the sink cupboard and wet nurses on a plastic jug of Drano.

Coronavirus: the pandemic that barely takes out a handful of old, sickly boomers. It's like Jamarcus Russell is running nature's offense.

"...but I fooled da Nazi guards, for each morning I shoved the 12 quarts of hand sanitizer my mother had given me up my tuchas and then crapped it out each night...."

-Ethel shekelschitz, Coronacaust survivor

Be careful out their, TP junkies. Word on the street is the black market pure 3 ply Charmin White you think you're buying is cut with Elmer's Glue and thousand grit sandpaper

"She's only Covid19..
Doctor says she's too sick,
but she's well enough for me!"
-Wanger (Chinese Winger tribute band)

Who can forget the great Irish Wet Wipes famine, or the tragic Trail of Smears? History truly is repeating itself, don't be a victim! Empower yourself with poo paper, girl!

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