Climate change:
When the jews tax you to death

Primate change:
When the jews blacks you to death

So proud of my local nigs. Ya know, it's tough when you're a small city competing with the criminal, violent, black infested division 1-Ape programs like Baltimore and Chicago. But my coon cluster shows they can murder with the best of 'em! It's like an urban 'Rudy' story. No , I'm not crying... just something in my eye...

Alright, Trump, here's your chance to REALLY resonate with your hardcore followers! That's right... nominate an african american and get those black unemployment numbers up, up UP! Yeah! MAGA you Motherfuckers!

Giant corporations can reject one buyer in favor of another, but you can't reject a nigger that wants to buy your house.

When Leo Frank directed the original Cuties show, Whites didn't boycott his pencil factory. They strung that kike up and watched him twerk from a tree. He hasn't made a sequel, so it seems to be more effective than cancelling a streaming service.

Watching all those trendy millennials and boomers scatter in Rochester NY when the anti-White hordes verbally abused them and smashed up the city restaurants they were dining at was just desserts [sic]. These are the same shitlib egalitarians that scream for your blood, dox you and have you driven off social media/fired from your job for saying anything remotely considered "racist." How's that gentrification going, faggots? Inquiring country Nazis want to know!

Jew mayor gives lethal injection of fed notes to increase your resistance to living as future Darkus Not-Wellbeez and iatrogenic-jungle bunnies are whisked through the medical schools like a KFC drive-thru and your liver is extracted at your routine appendectomy…

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