Curious if any of you out there are bothering to vote. I do not. Due to Gerrymandering, my rural, White area is "represented" by the city sheboon which means even in a legitimate vote count, it has no chance of losing. At governor I have the choice of jew fellating shrew or actual jew sporting what looks like a mestizo wife and kids. Murrica, fuck yeah.

while jews gain reps working the levers of power, we who ought to hold power gain reps typing on marginal social media.

the way forward is violence, ideally organized openly in a , but violence in any case.

jesus christ is a semitically transmitted disease

C'ville was the death of America: the end of the equal application of the law. The kikes & their race traitor whores decided that they'd sufficiently laid the groundwork for the blatant lawfare oppression of Whites by vilifying us for decades with the jewsmedia, Hymiewitz & academia, so that no one would effectively object, Skokie-style.

Another day, another White boxing victory over "superior" nigger afflete...

We defeat the jews by using our brains to synthesize the solution since we are naturally more individualistic than they are, and less, irony of ironies, what they smear as 'racist.' (they've done studies).

What that thinking leads to is recognition that we defeat them not by outmediaing them or muh neo kulturing but by forming a physical army, being quite open about it (Aryan dont slink), and then physically destroying them, as we would any wild animal that threatens our community.

A society that says yes to jews says yes to pedophiles.

A society that says yes to jesus says yes to jews.

reminds _you_ that christianity is anti-White -- and cannot be otherwise.

1982: Keep kids drug free

2022: Keep kids drag free

Daughter forgives nigger for killing her mother and hires him when he gets out of prison. He then kills her too
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