Whites have whipped themselves up into an orgasmic religious fervor. Instead of a semite to grovel to, it is now a simian. As they gleefully murdered the heretics to their masochistic desert cult ages ago, any modern day Whites will soon face their malignant wrath if they do not repent their White ways

@DaveNY Either we destroy these nigger idolaters completely and decisively or they destroy us. No diplomacy, no quarter, no mercy, no respite, no forgiveness for them. They will not offer any to us for their purpose is White extermination. They persist in doing evil against us without establishing any good in the world and thus evil must be returned exponentially and endlessly for all the misbegotten generations that conceived their wickedness. Goodness will be restored when Whites are faithful to their race both past and future beyond the vanishing point. We finish the fight in our favour and gain infinite. They lose everything and suffer for all eternity.
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