Few things are more pathetic than people now in their 50s who were fans of hair metal shit like Poison.


@NBForrest Christianity is the religious version of glam band Poison. Derivative jews progressions packaged in layers of "make-up" and "lip-shtick", appealing to its effeminate, race-deaf flock-n-soul audience.

@DaveNY @NBForrest I have no idea what Poison is or was, but that's completely unnecessary. I was already in agreement with you by the end of the first half of your statement, "few things are more pathetic than people now in their 50's". GenXers are a generation of slackers. They don't even have the distinctive status of Millennials who are at least ACTIVELY fucked up.

@NBForrest @DaveNY Why the fuck did you have to do that? I haven't even had my second cup of coffee and my day totally fucked already.

@JimmyMarr @DaveNY Don't try to shit me: I have the infamous photo of you in the front row with your blue eyeshadow & hot pink lippy.

@NBForrest @DaveNY Okay, okay, okay. I retract every word. GenXers are every bit as actively fucked up as millennials. Can we bury hatchet, now?

@JimmyMarr @DaveNY That's more like it. Be sure to watch your step in the future, dig?

@NBForrest @DaveNY Dude, I was just trying to flame Alex in the most indirect way imaginable and I still got BTFOed in under 5 minutes.

@JimmyMarr @NBForrest There was the temptation of comparing xtianity to GNR, but that's a bridge too far with Axl Linder.

@JimmyMarr @DaveNY We lose our mental sharpness as we slide into decrepitude. It comes to us all in the end.

@JimmyMarr @NBForrest Great, Boomer Marr has no more Air Calvary yard apes to smack around so we Xers become his punching bag!

@DaveNY @NBForrest Oh, now that's a good one. "Air Calvary". Why didn't I think of this. No.. wait.. a boomer could never think this shit up.

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