Any fellow non-believers in the neo-christian cult of the clotshot in jeopardy of losing your jobs from the latest private sector mandate? I'm talking those that are currently working stiffs, not talking dolce vita power lifting boomers who spend their days watching their mammoth Bitcoin and back-crack gains grow. " Only the little people pay capital gains or do isometrics" man, the smug arrogance.

@DaveNY It'd be really easy for me to take a hard line and tell you not to buckle to the mandate, and if you were being compensated strictly in soon-to-be worthless zogbucks, I'd definitely chide you for compliance, but I suspect and fervently hope that you're selling your time to the fiat mine strictly for the purpose of converting and preserving it on the proof of work timechain. Risking your life to do that is a worthwhile cause in my opinion.

@DaveNY Don't get fixated on a dungheap when you're standing on the threshold of Mt. Everest. Focus on the big picture. Do whatever you need to do to fortify your base camp at $60k. This is going to be a very long war, but it's the one we've been waiting our entire lives to fight in.

Do not invade Greece, you Mussolini-looking motherfucker.

@JimmyMarr Don't worry about me, mein musclehead. I may be a swarthy shitcoiner with poor military strategy, but I am positioned to avoid the poisonous puncture whilst continuing my vigorous goose stepping towards fiat-free victory. But I do have a Hoskyish soft spot for my fellow jabless Pieville niggers and the predicaments they may face. There is no "I" in Cordahno, JM.

@DaveNY See, dude, guys like you and @NBForrest who don't lift have got very little to fear from the jab. If you boys had hyper-vasculated, cannonball deltoids like me, your concerns might be warranted because when you're seriously ripped the shot can more easily enter into your circulatory system and give you myocarditis. Pretty sure you boys ain't got much to be worried about. Just remind the nurse to aspirate the injection site and don't squirm like a shitcoiner when the medicine goes in.

@DaveNY @NBForrest Looks like Jack gave Hosky another jab in his flaccid ass just yesterday.

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