Curious if any of you out there are bothering to vote. I do not. Due to Gerrymandering, my rural, White area is "represented" by the city sheboon which means even in a legitimate vote count, it has no chance of losing. At governor I have the choice of jew fellating shrew or actual jew sporting what looks like a mestizo wife and kids. Murrica, fuck yeah.

@DaveNY I voted for Youngkin just to stick it to that scum McAuliffe as a tiny bit of revenge for C'ville. The Shenandoah Valley is mostly White-rural, so the incumbent Republicuck Cline is basically a shoo-in against a shitlib cunt named Lewis. Cline hasn't shown me much, but the commies hate him (or at least pretend to) and give him an "F".

Vooting will never return the country to White rule, but driving the green-haired vermin insane with rage is good for a satisfying laff, if nothing else.

@DaveNY It so happened that I voted this year out of impulsive rage. I was finishing up some scaffold work when a masked Democratic canvasser ambled up beneath me and called out my name. That instantly made me to want to kill him, but It also sparked the vague memory that I had registered Democrat in 2020 in order to vote for Bernie in the party primary. I immediately understood all the direct mail propaganda we had been receiving and I asked Judy to send in straight inverse ballots for us.

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