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Let's not baby him, okay? Pieville bullying is a vital part of his development. Would the Spartans have been able to hold out three crucial days if Leonidas had proclaimed, "Just do your best, guys!" Hmm? Would Rocky have won the title without Mick riding his ass? I think not.

We have high expectations for this lad. We won't see such promise slip through the cracks yet again. The road to racial salvation is paved in demeaning barbs, snarky ripostes and cheap shots.

@JimmyMarr @Someguy Just what Ukraine will need, an influx of MIGgers.

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Well, sure kid, anyone can lay a nice bead in a controlled environment under perfect conditions, but let's see how you do when you're out in the field in the middle of a blizzard and have to weld a cow back together.

@Alex_Linder He has that "it's all so tiresome" look as he sees yet another no tail nigger encroachment on his neighborhood.

@NBForrest Damn, he seemed to be in everything we watched as youngsters back then.

@Roscoe @su @spiritsplice I thought for sure those kicks would catapult me to number one and have @su swooning. Now I'm stuck trying to unload them on @George_Witzgall giving him the sales pitch they are a rare collector's edition pair from the sought after 'Aryan Blood and Sole' line.

We could and should be living in the greatest times EVER for Aryans, a golden age, and we're not.

(((christianity))) is a huge reason why. The jew part is obvious -- and we all say it, and keep saying it. But the christian is part of the jew part - it's part of our INTERNAL problem that we can clear up ourselves, REGARDLESS of what any jew does or thinks.

Christianity is the hostile opposite of the White cause because it is anti-racial by doctrine.

@Roscoe Well, he's making everyone around here happy now that he's dead, so maybe there is some truth to this?

@spiritsplice I don't think there's anything that could successfully hide behind.

Just think of all the jew cock you have to shop-vac to get a puss like that.

@Alex_Linder @TheIronHeart I am surprised that the shriveled, prune-faced cunt hasn't attempted to mandate the clotshot on the public school kids. Figured she'd be all over that one by now.

@Alex_Linder @TheIronHeart I run a lot in my house on gas; stove, water heater, furnace, etc. I'll be transplanting with the wife to NE Tennessee or other Whiter, less jewy-er place once retired. Maybe sooner. I'd rather stand and fight somewhere that isn't lost ground. Even my rural, once conservative area is being repopulated with shitlibs both millennial and boomer. Plus, I do prefer my eggs cooked on gas.

@NBForrest @JimmyMarr One trip to Walmart and it is mortifying what a country of disheveled slobs we've become compared to then.

@NBForrest @JimmyMarr lol, yeah. I wonder if she boiled inside when reading that in the script.

@NBForrest @JimmyMarr Yeah, Loy was the proto-type feminist, piece of ass for sure, but does exhibit that perpetual bitch face common with her ilk.


Well said.

Teresa Wright, though. Sweeter than organic honey. Hard to believe @JimmyMarr was going steady with her in 6th grade.

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