@Roscoe @JimmyMarr Just look at her exploiting that helpless box turtle! I have a feeling those snakes didn't voluntarily shed their skin like she so innocently told us. I can only imagine the horrors that poor toad endured. Probably turned into some freakish half toad half kettledrum monstrosity in her perverse musical biolab.

@Alex_Linder @bigbrother1066 Yeah, whether it's owning a pitbull or having a police badge pinned on your chest, same mentality.

@JimmyMarr @Marko @TheIronHeart Word of warning, careful where you perform this exercise, the position could make you more susceptible to monkey pox. Stay safe, Pieville.

@Marko @su Yeah Su, stick your finger in the tube, we want to know.

@spiritsplice @Marko @Alex_Linder Well, there's no mention of a hoping to ignite a bovine uprising, so I'm ruling out @Someguy

@Marko @Alex_Linder It seems to me, at least on the surface, Gendron had a deeper understanding of the Jew/White dynamic than either Tarrant or Breivik.

@Roscoe @JimmyMarr @NBForrest @su Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in. And none too soon as I see the price of pemican cupcakes are surging. If it weren't for that Love Boat marathon coming up on MeTV today I'd handle this, but will have to leave you in the good hands of my diplomatic underling, @NBForrest

Store intercom: Attention shoppers, King Arthur flour now on sale with your Topps app!
"Ahh lawdy! We am bein shot!
Store intercom: Will a store assistant please report to check-out
"Ahh naw dey dun keelt muh baby girl Buffaliqua!"
Store intercom: Remember, shoppers, (store jingle) Topps never stops...
Store intercom (continued)...saving you more!

@JimmyMarr You cannot begin understand the desperation Whites feel in WNY when our local grocery stores refuse to stock pemican, JM. The whole White supremacy thing is typical MSM running cover for those wicked West coast kingpins getting our youth hooked on 18th century Rice Krispies treats.

@JimmyMarr @Alex_Linder @su Ok, I was under the impression that pemmican's selling point was it had a Twinkie-like shelf life. But it seems you enjoy this as a sort of treat, a "Mallomarr" so to speak. Can you describe the taste?

@JimmyMarr @Alex_Linder How long will the pemmican keep? I'm torn between storing up on this or going with @su's pickled herring.

@spiritsplice In the words of Strother Martin, "some men, ya jess caint reach."

@Alex_Linder In response, 'pudlickins scurry away, like tremulous trilobites, triumphantly proclaiming that by not retaliating, they "win."

@Alex_Linder If they just have the kid register as republican they will be removed for free.

@JimmyMarr What a score! And to think yesterday @su was ecstatic about finding an extra kipper tail in her daily canned ration of MRE (Meals Ready to Ekberg). Sure puts that into perspective.

@Alex_Linder It's true. I know in two days that cirro-strumpet will be back on my doorstep, a couple of scowling, bastard Nemo nimbos in tow, bawling up a storm and saying How mean Missouri was, and how New York was always who she REALLY loved. Face it lads, we all get used weather.

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