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To stop the spread of monkey pox I think we are going to need to flatten the perv.

If only this had been settled by a winner take all bout between Wladimir Klitschko and Ivan Drago as I suggested early on. So many lives could have been saved.

@Someguy A man who is under the heel of the kike is not living a truly good, fulfilling life. There can be happy aspects to such an existence, but there must always be the chafing knowledge that he's not a free man.

Most of us aren't completely free, and less so all the time now. It's a matter of degree.

the key is not to surround the capital but to burn it down

Joe Rogan- multi-millionaire, top rated media personality buckles to irrelevant, third rate boomer rocker has-beens.

Ursula Haverbeck- 90+ grandma tells German government and its world kike masters to go fuck themselves.

You can't tattoo and steroid your way to courage and character.

Why are these steroid bathing pseudo-tough guys always the biggest sacks of cucked shit?

Re: the SCOTUS ruling..

They got what they wanted. They normalized vaccine mandates.

It's death by a thousand regulations.

There was something in that vaccine shot
My heart just stopped - Mrnando!

NY Assembly Bill Gives the NY Governor Power to Detain Suspected Case, Contacts or Carriers of Contagious Disease for up to 3 Months – Renewable in 3 Month Increments, Apparently Indefinitely; Possible Forced Medication-Vaccination

All these kike-brainwashed race traitor cunts love to cry crocodile tears and rend their rainbow-colored tie-dyed garments over the "genocide" of the wagon-burners. What you never hear any of them mention are injun atrocities against Whites at the beginning when we were weak & few in number, like the 1622 massacre at Jamestown when they slaughtered 400 or so Whites: a full third of the population in one fell swoop.

Sri Lankan shitskins scared shitskinless as local well-heeled Whites make them uncomfortable with mean words as reported by intrepid, ever unbiased media, fresh off ignoring White massacre by monkey in Waukesha. Never uncomfortable enough though to move back to the open racial sewers they ran from

Kill them at a rate of ten to one. That's what will change things.

Take one of these (((Soros)))-purchased prosecutors, torture his family to death in front of him on tape. Post it on Internet.

You want to change things?

The above will change things, if it's done repeatedly.

Or go into nigtown, set it on fire. Kill ten niggers for every white they murder.

That will change things.

- the message the FBI doesnt want you to hear.

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