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“in a world full of greasy faggots, lying jews and prehensile lawyers, one man stepped forward to laugh at the serried ranks of timorous, credulous morons”
~ @Alex_Linder

@DerEisenrost wasnt thinking in terms of pipeline, i'm thinking that secular/spiritual is another Republican/Democrat. fake opposition. in sunday school you learn jews are the center of the world, and to fight them is to fight god. this doesnt have to be stated, it's implicit in the very nature of the bible - the fake history of a (rotten) race of (criminal liars). in monday school, you learn the jew's agenda, and how to think about yourself and your race - and also worship the jew, in holoform.

Guys... I don't think the Jews are good people
Poast now turning 2 is where gab was in 2018ish, except much more fluid & better built website that works, a greater userbase with virtually 0 feds and much higher quality "average" poasters, and where journalists who thought they were safe outside of twatter get thrown into the gas chamber

If your dumbass missed out the "Golden Age" of gab, you definitely don't want to miss out the Golden Age of Poast like you did for gab, so it's highly recommended you create an account and build yourself up here by lurking, shitpoasting/vibing, and donating so you don't get bullycided for having a newfag join date in the future (because you will be)
Watching jews and black people seethe over pictures like this on Twitter is one of the main things that turned me from being a lolbert into what I am today, nothing says "hey your race is under attack" quite like a bunch of sheeboons and yentas plotting to murder some blonde-haired blue eyes White woman for the crime of getting pregnant one too many times and not immediately rushing to Planned Parenthood.

People bitch about the Talmud, as if the Torah isnt nearly just as bad.

:alert: ATTENTION :alert:

Thomas Sewell received his sentencing. Many were worried that Sewell may be persecuted heavily with prison time but it appears that he has managed to avoid excessive wrongful punishment and is instead only being forced to endure light oppression via a sentence of 150 hours community service.

Sewell on his telegram has simply stated: "150 hours community service. The White Man marches on."

Tom is a good NS man and service to your community is by no means a punishment in the eyes of a National Socialist but something to take pride in.


Toms post -


January 6th is our Day of Remembrance for the horrific rape, torture and murder of Channon Christian (21 years old) and Christopher Newsom (23 years old), taking place in Knoxville, Tennessee in 2007. This atrocity is indicative of the evil system that has enabled millions of hush crimes like this and has covered them up since Jew-backed forced integration. Never forget. Never forgive.

McCarthy will get the L belt for being a 8 time looser

Race and Reality: Host Ron Doggett Interviews Dr. William Pierce

⁣Dr. Pierce fields a wide range of questions from host Ron Doggett and the viewing audience (including hostiles) on race, politics, and his efforts to cleanse and restore our nation.

Watch on five new channels in TalieVision's ever-expanding channelverse:

WT Video:



Veto Social:


Never understood the pathological need of niggers, jews and retards to insist on being places they aren’t wanted.

Pacifism is not civilized as it destroys order and social capital when crimes are not addressed properly. Often, the correct and moral action for citizens is rapid and overwhelming violence. To shy away from ones social duty, hiding behind the guise of courtesy, is cowardice.

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