A lot of what men in their 40s and 50s call "wisdom" is simply change of perspective due to hormonal decline.
Forcing dems to respect the mass shooters they/them pronouns to own the libs.

EMJ neglects to identify many termites in his book, Libido Dominandi, as Jews.
Herbert Croly (1869-1930)-Jew founder of modern liberalism along with Jew Walter Lippmann (1889-1974) at The New Republic magazine
Wilhelm Fliess (1858-1928)-Jew friend of Freud who developed pseudoscientific theory of human biorhythms

Sex, Drugs, Political Intrigue, Nepotism, Financial Mismanagement, Fraud, Theft, Hiding in the Bahamas, Running from law enforcement, Backdoors in the software, Fake hacking. The ultimate lifetime movie docuseries - FTX: Your funds are not safu.

Stream tomorrow on Youtube starting at 6pm CST (7pm EST). I'll post a link tomorrow a few hours before the stream starts.

@TheIronHeart @Alex_Linder Alcoholism is much less of a problem in Russia than it used to be. The current per capita annual consumption of alcohol dropped Russia to 21st place in the world. That is a huge win. Abortion and divorce, however, are off the charts.

@KiKi88 It’s somewhere between heresy and sacrilege. The Sleepy Time tea is a classic, it’s older than Starbucks.

@Alex_Linder Have you sought debate/discussion with anyone other than E.Michael Jones? While I’d gladly consume debate content with you in it, I think that the internet bloodsports format and many of its participants were way beneath you.

@TrevorGoodchild I wonder if Torba is amenable to petitions for reinstatement. That poast at Jennifer Rubin was memorably spicy, but not illegal. Glad I found you on Mastodon before the shoah.

@MelGibsonafter4Beers Kyrie Irving is, sadly, not displaying the fortitude of his namesake David Irving.

OMG YOU GUYS there is literally a butterfly called the: eighty-eight butterfly. this is the butterfly of our people!

@Folkish_National_Socialist Absolutely, there are animals that should and shouldnt be hunted. Harvesting from nature should be done in a way that 20 generations from yourself, your people would still be able to do it.

One of the most disgusting, jew movie tropes used to brainwash Whites is the hero who finally gets the chance to kill the asshole who ruined his life and he says some gay shit like "you're not worth it". Or some one else says some fag shit like, "it wont change things. Dont become like him" or "the law will bring him to justice."

It isn't supposed to change things. It is supposed to stop this motherfucker from doing that shit anymore. Same as executing a criminal.

@TheIronHeart That’s a hell of an endorsement. I’ve heard of Reed, but never in such superlatives. I’ll have to check it out.

@TheIronHeart Whereas the Nobel Peace Prize should be done away with altogether, the Economics Prize should be awarded awarded only every 5-10 years for work had 25-50-year minimum testing or longitudinal study. Or, for work in economics that singularly falsifies a paradigm.

@Alex_Linder Looks like Jews do, systematically, the same things as SJWs (as per Vox Day): lie, double down, and project.

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