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Multi author news/info sites
~ - Run by Kevin MacDonald (author of Culture of Critique). Multiple authors. Topics: jews & dissident politics - Erik Striker's news site. Topics: jews & dissident politics - Run by Tanstaafl. Articles and podcasts about jews, race, & dissident politics. Scholarly. - Articles by various TRS authors. Dissident right - Run by (((Ron Unz))). multiple authors. Topics: wide variety incl. jews & dissident right - Run by Jarad Taylor. multiple authors. Topics: variety, focusing on race realism. Avoids the JQ - Ryan Dawson's site (leftist living in Japan, fairly based). Topics: 9/11, jews, middle east geopolitics - James Corbett's site (leftist living in Japan, at times soyish and cringe). Topics: vaccines, climate change, 9/11, other conspiracies, some cringy leftist content (e.g. MLK, eugenics, etc), largely avoids the JQ - multiple authors cover a wide variety of topics. Run by the homosexual Greg Johnson. Authors range from alt-lite to dissident right - multiple authors cover various topics. It is somewhere between normiecon and dissident right

Single author blogs
~ - Vox Day's blog. Various topics. Dissident right; self styled Christian nationalist - Sean Last's blog. Various topics: mostly race realism. data/study heavy. Dissident right - Ryan Faulk's (aka Alternative Hypothesis) blog. Somewhat inactive. Various topics: mostly race realism. data/study heavy. Dissident right - Emil Kirkegaard's blog. Various topics: mostly race realism

~ - dissident right cartoons. On Twitter (stone_toss) and a variety of other places. - Home of The Daily Shoah, and various other podcasts. Run by @svenpai and Mike Enoch. - Website of the NJP

Redpill collections
~ - 1000s of images tagged for easy searching - A large compendium of redpills (>800 MB) - A number of redpill PDFs and resources*/ - UnamusmentPark's lists regarding race (primarily crime). Also has fliers*/ - searchable database of redpills - Library of hate (archived). A list of studies and links. - has some good resources, quotes, historical sources

Book dumps
~ - 3679 files, 27GB - 3351 files, 28GB - 1412 files, 13GB - 856 files, 6.5GB

Link lists (like this one)
~ - 253 links - 118 links - 185 links - 88 links (this list)
If one of your friends, family, or someone you're sitting next to in a bar quietly confides in you that they're getting tired of all the LGBT and anti white discrimination it's the perfect opprtunity for you to go on an autistic screed about Jews and how Hitler was right