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Violence works. Terrorism works. Israel was founded through massive amounts of terrorism, including plane hijackings. Islam is the fastest growing religion based solely off of its propensity to murder people for social and religious ends. Red states like Georgia went along with the election riggers in 2020 and let Biden win solely because nigger Democrats were willing to burn down cities and white Trump supporters were not.

At some point you just have to come to terms with the fact that the time for arguments is over. They have launched open war against us, and occasionally there are a few heroes that are willing to respond in kind. I support anyone that kills Democrats.
Fat bitches need you to be gay. For their own mental health. When a man speaks freely, with expression and lots of changes in tone, it is a sign that he does not fear embarrassment. When you're in a social situation with a fat bitch, and you're nice enough to talk with her, she's going to associate your tone with the faggots she sees on TV.

No babe. There is just such a vacuum where the sexual tension ought to be that you're confusing my nonchalant ramblings as faggotry.

The entire notion of subjecting people to 'schooling' who dont want it -- and who dont want to pay for it -- is everyday, comprehensive tyranny.

It doesn't hit you how you take your pets for granted until they are gone , really threw my entire equilibrium off today .




You are being sent to one of these locations, which do you choose, and no suicide is not an option

“in a world full of greasy faggots, lying jews and prehensile lawyers, one man stepped forward to laugh at the serried ranks of timorous, credulous morons”
~ @Alex_Linder

Raising your child properly (i.e. teaching them well) is the sacred duty of every parent. Shipping them off to schools that are going to teach them self-hate and endless degeneracy is a form of child abuse.

Homeschooling is the answer.

The Colchester Collection's "Education" catalog has more than 40 books which will help you get it done:

"if it's on tv, it's a lie"

you can tell people the truth all day long, they still think you're trying to trick them

what's disturbing is not the number of people taken in by, after all, ubiquitous brainwashing, but the number that cant alter their view AFTER the fact

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