Happy New Year to all pro-White people out there. Keep working, keep grinding...there's tremendous life purpose in defending the race and your people. Things suck, yet it appears that accelerationism of anti-White practices is helping to increase White racial consciousness the world over. The entire decade will be about internal Amerikwan conflict. Stay alive, stay in the struggle. Fruitful 2022 to all White people

"Collectively, they confirmed H. L. Mencken’s sally: “No woman is really humble; she is merely politic.”"

According to the jews...
"Jon Minadeo II and his white supremacist group 'Goyim Defense League' are terrorizing jews in 8 states with their atrocious antisemitic banner and flier drops."

the best social policy is putting modest obstacles to education in front of women so the ones that really want it are doubly sure and fit. the rest -- the low, the average and the above average but lazy -- are driven back to motherhood, where their actually valuable contributions will come from 90% of the time.

Up to 3% of Greenland residents - or 1,600 people - have rare genetic mutation that makes sugary food as healthy as broccoli for them, study finds

Researchers at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark found that some residents of the arctic island Greenland have a rare genetic mutation that makes sugar healthy for them.

No Solstice No Peace.

Happy Solstice

Kevin Strom made an excellent point -- the same jews that sold you limpheads (((heaven))) are now about to sell you (((metaverse))).

They take the real world. )))you((( get imaginary world(s). That they profit from in a thousand obvious and subtle ways.

Such a deal.

Christianity, the first metaverse. It is to laugh.

christianity makes sense as an attempt by one race, operating in line with the celestial-biological guiding principle of genocide, to attack another by fostering in it a sense of racelessness and a morality based on same. it's an attack on consciousness and mentality of a competing race intended to culminate in the physical genocide of the submissive, sucker, inferior race that adopts it.

Predicting Potter police chick will skate via hung jury, or much lesser charge, slap on wrist.
No loss to the world that the skinny baby daddy small time hood taken out, yet the police chick won't be held to same standard. Just jury understanding that potter's essence and purpose even 2 generations ago was to be baking cookies for little ones and cleaning home. Able to carve out a 20 plu year career playing officer. clown world, bitch will skate because woman's standards

i heard Metzger say one time on his radio show, that before he goes on a talk show with a jew or lefty type that is going to be hostile, he gets some background information on them, so when they attack him, he can attack back.. making it personal for them too, they don't expect that. they expect you to try and defend yourself for the the whole interview.

Linder on fire! The scamdemic lies are starting to truly crack..I can feel it, dam is going to burst soon. The sheep are waiting for a Sheppard that allows them to defy the almighty screen talmudvision god. Itz coming

what's more dangerous to your health?

a cold

an untested 'vaccine' promoted by media/govt that lie about everything else?

difficult question. take as many hours as you need to puzzle through it

jews persuade silly you they have some relation with a higher power. otherwise you might notice they're nothing but nasty criminals.

keep going to (((church))) while larping as anti-jew

Consistent, principled behavior --

flies over the head of at least 90% of white-skins.

It is perhaps the singlest biggest reason they fail to understand jews. They cant even conceive people are like that -- living outside the perpetual wow-jus-wow-osphere.

Getting the odd feeling that TPTB are realizing the Cov-19 no longer is packing the emotional fear punch any longer. Too many cracks in the narrative, even the covidians are checking out now. They have lost the plot. Perhaps they are going to up the ante with some sort of Pox pandemic as the USD inflates into chaos. Controlled financial demolition occurring, there is no other reasonable explanation. 2022 may be even worse then 2020. Plan accordingly

Media reporting a few smallpox cases in Maryland. Wonder what this operation is about now. Operation 'dark winter' was a simulation back around 2001 according to D. Stack about a smallpox outbreak. Sars 2 , Cov-19 also may have been from Ft. D in Maryland - known bio Army outpost and R&D location. kind of agreeing with the theory that this is all a controlled demolition of the US Dollar economy

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