Invasion of brown peasantry via US love of 'the jewdicial system'. Serves numerous points : employees lots of judges, paper pushers, immigrant advocates, court security job market in & around 'the court houses'.
Also placates the average conservative loser who thinks the system in place reflects Amerikwa's "fairness",
legitimizes the nonwhite invasion of spics. Far majority end up saying via endless delays and continuances. Invasion & conquest via the court document.

Don't think Iran is just content with the telegraphed missile petty vandalism.
Are they this passive?
doubt it. I think Putin & probably China may have suggested perhaps more 'nuanced' and patient game plan.
that's not all folks..
no way.
Besides, overall a somewhat net positive. World sees ZOG JewSA in full effect - don the con being a kushner bitch. even more transparent then bush and his neo-cohen crew over 15 years ago.
probably lots of Russia and Chinese advisement provided

Diversity. White beauty no longer welcome. Black Women Now Hold Crowns in 5 Major Beauty Pageants

The Nazis practiced Eugenics.

The Jews practice Dysgenics.

Really makes you think.

Tell your son this.

when they call you a hater, they are saying: you - you have no status. you - you are beyond defense. any attack on you is morally and legally legitimate and more than deserved.

and we act like it's a joke. it has extremely real consequences, this demonization. it isnt funny in the tiniest bit.

christianity is a sickness and a weakness in our folk, and those poisoned by it - we help if we can, but our first duty is not to be dragged down by them.

Pope and the narcissistic chink! who says 2019 didn't end well. priceless 6 seconds. Cat-lick anti-White globalist pope loses his cool due to a chink bitch acting like a typical chink asshole. Mean face on that bitch too.
ideal bedfellows. Cat-licks gimmick is to win souls globally, even gooks.
And gook females are generally nasty demanding freaks.
don't believe the hype. Cat-licks suck as do gooks.

Maine poly demonrat getting some cheap laughs. Looks as if we should contact his office & provide constructive criticism & ask why he said this.

Need to hit the gym tomorrow and end '19 strong. Yule season can be tough keeping consistency with health & fitness. Lots to do, social stuff, feasting, Yea, yea..I know, all about personal discipline. but gyms either close super early on Xmas Eve and Xmas or are closed. I should have jogged this morning at least. oh well, back at it tomorrow. Then, the 1st week of the year is hard because all the masses show up for the first 2 weeks of Jan. as Anglin pointed out.
Glad holidays are done

2020s clear goal : Establish Anti-Replacement League.

maybe we need to work on the official name.
Anti-Genocide League, Caucasian Defense League, United Caucasian Defense League, Caucasian Existence League, United Whites for Existence, Caucasian Unification League, White Unity Party, International Caucasian League, International Whites for Unity...gotta brainstorm some names & see what sticks.

simple & powerful, yet positive. that you can bring home to Mom & Dad

They kick you and scream 'ouch' . what amazing gas-lighting!
2/3 of the England 'National' football team is black or mulatto .
Western white losers and media worship blacks and nonwhites & actively work to destroy White people and identity via genocide and replacement.

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