I say we close down the fckn' national media for 30 days and watch 80% of the world's problems go away

The real fear that the (((globalists))) have over the coronavirus is not the death or suffering it causes, and it is not even the short-term damage that is resulting to the globalist economic structure.

No, their real fear is that it will lead to a resurgence of nationalism. This fear is an implicit admission that the racial nationalists have been right about globalism all along!


Article: foreignpolicy.com/2020/03/12/c

measly 5 billion? hehehe. how about ALL?
As in all tourism.
Tsk tsk, globalism rears some bitter fruit sometimes.
Italy for Italians

Italy & China joined in a strategic partnership (wealthy people getting wealthier at the expense of everyone else).
How's that working out for you Italians?

Itz a global world the talmudvision informs us. Yay to the globalism.
'we are soooo progressive. not like our racist, evil ancestors!'

Die and help infect your countrymen for the Multi-Kulti.
what, you're not a racist are you?

Not drinking now to the relationship. Globalism is yesterday's pizza.
Corona chan upon Italy. Chamber of commerce types like international business and money comes first mentality.
Harvest of death these global business dealings. Likely lots of potential in Nationalism in the 2020s.
many people will be out a job/career even. Get in early while the getting is good - White advocacy is a growing industry!

Pass this along maybe just might get through to hoarders 😑😔😕

immigrants and foreigners don't belong in White landia. They ultimately sow the seeds of destruction and pain. Plus, you lose your job and get paid less due to open borders.
Our politicans can't get the job done and they are all whores to special interests any way. This just ain't working out. Time for Whites to be liberated and look out for Whites. not some huge corporation to move the manufacturing to China so they become richer.
so much to choose from - don't blow this chance from coronaflu

more corona bullet points:
- Govt. lies all the time
- Govt. not organized, not testing enough people
- immigrants in White countries bring bizarre new pandemics to our communities
- globalism has failed and results in death and economic misery
- US oligarchs and MNCs suck and sold us out by putting all the manufacturing in chink world
- politicans didn't do enough faster
- politicians putting us on lock down now and crushing our civil liberites
- you can't eat out or go to the beach bc of chink

Wuhan Corona bat pangolin chinese lung walking Flu pandemic of 2020 should be looked at for the positive bullet points which are gold and of so true. don't be a loser gloomer, if we are gonna sink the entire global economy and crash the dollar, stop regular modern day life as we know it, might as well pick the good fruit from all this.
- disgusting animal cruelty chinks unleashed this on the world
- chinese are liars and weren't transparent
- globalism is a death sentence
- open borders = death

i think that a certain percentage of the population, the ones with weaker sex drives, can sort of make the friends/equality/partnership work, to an extent, but anyone with high sex drive - no way. no man wants to listen to women. women outside bed are slow, annoying, completely unable to grasp the main focus or problem being dealt with. all they care about is optics and something they forgot or dont have. they are incredible impediments to any kind of speed, real thought, or problem solving.

the irish are usually outgoing and like to breed, that's the one good thing you can say about them

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