Terrific interview with one of The Best pro-White minds of our time. Thank you Mr. Linder for all you do!
never heard this interview before. sums it all up for even entry level Whites.

Holiday greeting tiers:
people you see or visit for meals and fellowship
people you call or call you for holiday wishes
people who text only or you text

people that you don't even remember or never talk with who oddly send a superficial text greeting (don't even know whose # this is).
Text is the new greeting card

Whoever is taking the video is way taller than the kids. Don't these devolved primates have even the feeblest civilized impulse?


"The ADL threaten to sick the entire American MSM on Iceland if male circumcision is banned there, destroying their tourism industry.
But don't question any of this, to do so makes you an anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist."


Oh yes, you're right. I understand the Mennonites are basically Amish-Light. Not as hardcore and exclusive. Still, Mennonites were 100% pure White for as long as I can recall. Pretty much entirely Germanic as well. I hope the nigg breeding slut losers are ostracized. Mennonites have always been a bit more friendly and open to communication with the 'English world' - so that's probably their Achilles heal. poor bastards. If this is true, expect to see a sadly growing trend. they are weak fucks

can't imagine any normal thinking people would wish to be a part of this urban mess. Blacks, coloreds and other assorted mystery meats, love these party weekends. All the chance to "get some ass" they think. Usually lots of problems ensue. the sheer of amount of public jungle beat music and brown skins dry humping will be highly annoying. Would likely make great marketing for team whites to utilize the downfall of our communities and 3rd worldinization that has basically occurred.

This is the latest thing they are hyping up in So Fla : a new recent "party weekend" , Carnival, even though it isn't even traditional carnival weekend.
Typical honey pot marketing of dangling Jezebel fat asses w/ fake hair and the chance to grind up listening to reggae, hip hip and soca Caribbean music. boom boom boom. too bad there will be tons of aggressive horny niggs and jiggs all over. They are trying to mainstream this (read: get White people to attend)

Conservatism is the gayest thing possible because it takes the word white and replaces it with bullshit. Imagine if it was just the fucking white party. White versus liberal. White versus communist. White versus Democrat. Because all those groups are anti white after all and that's what most conservatives hate about them.

Perfectly stated. No victory laps for we dissidents yet, and the next stage of the war is coming. But, we have opened a lot of white minds.

80 years ago germans had to fight the biggest battle in their entire history. Let's commemorate the people who fell in the fight against the jewish conspiracy.


One of the jewish anti White shit campaign.

”Straight sex is rape” flyers are being handed out by counter protesters/jew puppets at StraightPrideParade.

The American Bar Association is attempting to make #MGTOW mainstream with all sex without "affirmative consent" being considered #Rape, (which she can revoke at anytime later).

the opinion leaders in your "free press" are all either jews or employed by/afraid of them. you can only trust those who have been deplatformed many, many times.

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