So Scott Adams states the obvious that everyone with their head on right realized already & the cancel mob (big jew) goes for the big pull, so f'n annoying. As long as he doesn't apologize, he makes it out for anything that ever matters.

anytime you see something bad, start with assumption jews are doing it or it's jew approved, and trace it back. now what's left this doesnt cover? basically nothing. there are aryan-generated crimes of course, but they are one-offs. the bad policies, the fathers of the families of crimes, come from jews

Truly no point in former U. Kentucky co-ed groveling or being shamed. I mean her former life as a typical anon weekend vodka queen party gal are all but over. The hounds of woke & anti-White will pester her forever. Might as well reinvent herself as some sort of pro-White advocate & White proud women & attempt to carve out a niche and build up fan base. If I was a life adviser, I'd recommend forget the typical sorrys & tears, it doesn't matter to the anti-Whites. go public go pro

It's not our white duty to fix niggers.

That's a jewish-christian conception anyway -- that niggers are broken.

Notice the triple chutzpah. 'God' made niggers. Niggers are broken. It's White duty to fix niggers.

Verily I say unto whiteskin you: our duty is to protect our own kind.

got blocked by twitter, set up a new account. this time i will not post, tempting as it is, only follow.

something i wrote back in 1997, if you've never read it.

try to find a point made today i didnt make then, good luck

never use 'man' after black, just call it a black as the neutral or nigger if appropriate

'the black man' is a propaganda term

we have a president who wasnt elected but is quite literally a criminal, heading a government that is quite literally criminal -- see the seizure of russian assets. we're so far gone in our xtian doffing and aping at jews and their jewing that we dont even recognize ourselves for what we are.

Funeral director steals gold teeth and sells body parts for cash

"Instead of cremating the bodies, she harvested heads, spines, arms and legs and then sold them, according to court records.

One client received a concrete mix instead of the remains of their loved one.

She's also accused of earning $40,000 by extracting and selling the gold teeth of some of the deceased as part of the macabre scheme."

@DerrickBeukeboom her son sent to cnn, after they’d asked him for comment, a single gif of a drag queen exposing itself to a crowd and she says it’s a “false, bigoted trope” that they’re after children and her son’s uninformed or something. What kind of mother goes against her son like this

@DerrickBeukeboom Of course ends on the note that "the massive amount of misinformation and disinformation available to the public" is a "problem".

Also notice when they talk to the professor that they almost seem to want to couch it in terms of being a medical problem that someone would join a WN group.

They've always talked like that but I sense a difference lately, it is more pronounced some how.

@DerrickBeukeboom She chose (((CNN))) & the pedo faggots over her only son.

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