Remember to downgrade your power rankings for the 'keep it legal' fools. And also those (Vox Day) who said Trump wouldnt cuck.

The (white) people are there waiting to be led. Trump is not a leader, he's a speaker.

gets it right.

wow. dont think ive ever seen buchanan say something so completely wrong.

"What Americans watched was a mob occupation and desecration of the temple of the American Republic. "

are you kidding? you're joking, right? unless you mean temple literally you are joking without realizing it. american have no respect for congress, nor is worthy of any.

Kyle Rittenhouse, a poster child for the second amendment!

too many whites have the good-girl or stick-fetcher mentality

covid ceased to interest me early because, knowing govt, i believe a decision was taken at the top to simply count all deaths as covid and lie/reimburse-pour-encourager-les-autres on that scheme. it's not an inherently interesting subject (1) and none of the numbers means a thing (2), so who cares? watching society degrade into is what affects and interests me.

"real men" are going to sit there with a notepad taking down tomi's desiderada for "Menu Man"

it is to laugh.

she will have to settle for her counterpart: the hetero-fag who admires "strong women" and likes being bossed around by them. this is the only relationship that can function with her, but it will frustrate her, though she lacks the reflective power to see why. real men dont want fake men, they want feminine women. toni lahren is not feminine, she is feminist-masculine, double-fail.

Get all these Trump Lumps to write down in a nice column all SPECIFIC things they expect from Trump when he wins The Big Vote II: The Well Levered Boogaloo.

They won't. Because they cant even lie to themselves that anything but more stolen money for Israel will come to pass.

If you want to vote, vote. It's just another form of making a baby by jerking off in a sock, but you do you, Gooby the Greasy Greater Govt Paypig. Reason, experience and all recorded history laugh at you.

cowardice is always the safest bet, that's why it's so popular...under conservatism, catholicism or million other names (prudence). it is this cowardice, yes, that got us into this mess in the first place.

you all sell yourselves short. but then insider trading usually works.

Its amazing how diversity really ruins all interactions. A few are a nuisance. When it becomes every other person, the life is dead.

I think that white people are too stupid socially to survive just by beating the jew. Xtianity should be absolutely rejected on the face of it, Jews or no Jews. Otherwise we can be blown away by any group with sufficient organization.

LOVE the idea of disbanding cops. it will be very "good for White."

no police = more crime?

nope. only at the start.

@Ricotta nah not really. it's just the System allowing niggers to go nuts for fun and political profit, same as it ever was. it would only be a war if Whites returned fire.

@harrison_partch it's useless to communicate with people if they dont know what you're talking about. it's an obnoxious form of bragging - to you. but merely useless to me. technology is never interesting, that bus stops at useful.

ok, well after a few nights of urban hijinks, it appears the goal now is to attack and rob whites. so now it's imperative for people to ignore or call out the media spin that itz a multi-kulti crew of koombaya marching for George. Prison rules now. seriously, time to focus. 2020s will be tribal.

it's so yesterday submitting to covid-10 propaganda, stay at home, mask up, submit to covid rules. It's now the kewl in thing to protest for George. Destroy racism! march, f the police! down with whitey, BLM! this is the new cool table at school. get with it!
not looking good for whites in amerikwa. shocking level of submission. Lots can change quickly nowadays, yet the narrative is clearly BLM and white submission. Not certain where this is all going.

other good news, the lie of corona lock down show is now over. the ending just petered out now with racial civil war starting. social distance and masking, so cute. happy June , official end of BS covid-19 show biz. now, EVERYONE needs to just ignore all the silly and cheesy cdc guidelines. seriously, just stop and don't even pretend going through the motions to get your groceries. Ignore, show's over folks. much bigger & important issues to focus on. not certain the whites are ready for this

The left and jewsmedia may have overplayed their hand with the goofy white supremacists are the ones starting the urban violence line. not even the dimmest groid or simpleton loser buys this for more then 3 seconds. so retarded. nice seeing the pensioner bully cops can majorly humbled. the hero routine has been nauseating since 9/11 days. puke !

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