My parents are both in the late 80s, both disabled and have complex health issues. As a family we have spent the last year supporting them as much as possible through the pandemic restrictions.

We have managed most things and have had great support from community nurses but they have had more than a year with no face-to-face GP contact. Today we asked for a home visit as my Dad is quite ill but instead yet again we had a telephone consultation and prescription for precautionary antibiotics.

My parents have had both vaccination doses and no doubt the GPs and their staff have too. They need a face to face appointment and it is worrying that it is not available.

Hilarious to have all these Christians lecture me for "missing the point". No you are missing the point. Without your semitic poisom religion we wouldn't even be considering rooting for a race that is killing us.

What I have tried to explain with my last ten or so posts (not including the ones about german) is that it is often worth the cost of separating yourself from jews and non whites, both in word and action.

And there are costs, you will not be promoted maybe not even hired or you may not be liked by certain people. While the action can be seemingly symbolic, with only the above cost, there will be a constructive non ideological benefit to you, even when you are in the minority

Lutheran Church becomes first major US Christian faith to elect a transgender bishop

Christianity: a religion by kikes for queers and sheep

I personally don't believe that the vaccine is some maniacally evil plot to sterilize and/or kill a shit ton of people. I think it's just some cynical grift by big pharma to make a shit ton of money off half assed and likely lethal vaccines that they made in a month and didn't bother testing because they knew that they would have enough time to make their billions and GTFO before the horrific side effects became too prevalent to ignore.

If it actually does sterilize a shit ton of people, that'll genuinely be an accident, but the thousands of heated gamer moments and significant amount of trolling that will come out of a now sterilized population taking their rage out on the elites who told them to take the shot are going to be very much intentional, and incredible to witness.
The US isn't collapsing you are just a black pilled grifter
- Libertarian who fled to the Netherlands
children are a surrogate activity for women and I don't mean that as in procreation isn't necessary for life but I mean that as in women are boring, empty people and having kids is like the only thing that really broaches the levels of hobby that men widely experience

men will spend hours upon hours doing research on things such as modifications for their cars, upgrades to their computers, building mechanical keyboards, whatever. women find this behavior extremely odd until they had kids, at which point it's finally as though they've been given a hobby—something they can dedicate hours upon hours into researching or obsessing over

I'm being chastised for "not caring enough" or whatever about my kid bc I don't spend hours researching the best diapers to buy or the highest rated/recommended kid accessories to purchase. my responses, which I'm being attacked for, ought be a woman's wet dream: "if you think it's good, just buy it—here's the card". I find the notion as bizarre as my gf probably finds my obsession with engine operating temperatures in my car.

When you tell people that you aren't getting the vaccine it's like an invasion of the body snatchers reaction, "he hasn't fallen asleep yet! He's not one of us!

Amazing the actions of the many active black African descent White supremacist divisions. They have really blended in well with the Urban citizenry. Talk about camouflage.

Fellas go see your mom and tell her you love her, it’s the clearpilled thing to do

Just imagine, Minneapolis was a great place from the 70s to the early 2000s, many large corporations started having headquarters & key offices there due to an educated work force, direct flights to Europe, Japan and some even to China with Northwest Airlines. Minnesota nice naive geese allowed punk rocker scene, morphed to loser Antifa subculture, allowed to stew, then large numbers of niggs moved there due to the free state cheese and gibs, now a leftist loser crap hole for Tx born Fenty Floyd

Remember to downgrade your power rankings for the 'keep it legal' fools. And also those (Vox Day) who said Trump wouldnt cuck.

The (white) people are there waiting to be led. Trump is not a leader, he's a speaker.

gets it right.

wow. dont think ive ever seen buchanan say something so completely wrong.

"What Americans watched was a mob occupation and desecration of the temple of the American Republic. "

are you kidding? you're joking, right? unless you mean temple literally you are joking without realizing it. american have no respect for congress, nor is worthy of any.

Kyle Rittenhouse, a poster child for the second amendment!

too many whites have the good-girl or stick-fetcher mentality

covid ceased to interest me early because, knowing govt, i believe a decision was taken at the top to simply count all deaths as covid and lie/reimburse-pour-encourager-les-autres on that scheme. it's not an inherently interesting subject (1) and none of the numbers means a thing (2), so who cares? watching society degrade into is what affects and interests me.

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