Itz a global world the talmudvision informs us. Yay to the globalism.
'we are soooo progressive. not like our racist, evil ancestors!'

Die and help infect your countrymen for the Multi-Kulti.
what, you're not a racist are you?

Keep working away goy boys! jewish film producers will keep good care of the pretty ladies for you guys. There heads are full of much and their mouths are filled with jew spunk. It's the casting couch society.

"I want to be a movie or TeeVee Star ! Off to Hymiewood !"

Tread very carefully with the modern day ladies gentlemen.
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Perverted jew movie mogul, money grubbing wanna be starlets, mixed together in the den of sin that is LA..what could go wrong ?

Oh yes, I'm certain they were charmed by Weinstein's good looks and intellect. Has nothing to do with Hymiewood stardom

Lol, you think any hard working, honest White rights young men can score trim like this bitch ? Haha..who do you know in Hymiewood goy White Man ??

Nigg loving wop Tarantino is buddies with Harvey. It's how they role in Hymiewood

Fame & fortune seeking slut whores with buyer's remorse for laying down with hymiewood pervert Weinstein.
"Of course I can go over lines at 1am in your hotel suite! Looking forward to the part Harvey!"

"Yay! Hollywood stardom! I'd like to thank all the people who gave me a start in this business...."

"Don't you know who I am ? Hymiewood stardom awaits girlie !"

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