dont listen to anyone talking about "our boys" over there dying for nothing. every last one of those cocksuckers knew what that war was all about - and if not, then that jackass didnt do his diligence, he just signed up for fun or money.

no excuses. we arent southerners here. NO EXCUSES.

Very plausible that near future leaders served in Afghanistan...I've read something similar to this situation.

t costs three cents in metal to create a zinc penny and eight cents for a nickel. Both are entirely useless. --doug casey

all this bullshit 'vaccination' is doing is creating one hell of a lot more infectious, destructive particles in all our environments than would otherwise be there

German TV crew tries to enter jew neighborhood in Jerusalem but as goyim, they are not welcome.
Eventually they have to escape the hostile kikelets that threaten to kill them.

@RandolphScott Wow, now we know when Linder states no way out but through the jews. sums it all up in many ways

i rode around on my bike collecting aluminum cans for money.

you can today be 12 and buying gamestop or AMC or crypto.

truly the internet is wasted on the young

i had fun today who are young dont have to waste your best years from 10-25 - if you're smart. i got value out of reading, but i had no way to connect to others who thought the same. go to college, high IQ - most of them are poisoned by marxists, they're simply high IQ suckers in the bibble believers are low IQ suckers

i know how people are. i've been to church. i know the 'air.' you have to create a delicate environment to prosper the kind of nonsense xtianity fosters. xtianity cant withstand laughter or logic. it's basically a social club for the mammary mafia at this point.

@maxtepafray we were ddosed and driven off servers repeatedly after starting in august 2000 (vanguardnewsnetwork). we were denied every possible resource. had to keep finding new servers. we had a legal threat to our url by a billion-dollar company in very short order. every time we did anything public, the website would be inaccessible. media camped out to harass our supporter's pregnant wife. on and on and on. dont listen to what liars say - everything that happened after 2010 happened before

The opium that Linder delives is a mixture between objective truth, thorough knowledge and high standards.

Well, stories such as this truly show the fork in the road for places such as France. Either this gal helps rally the French for some sort of Joan of Arc tribal inspiration or, just a big example that they have been utterly defeated & it's a slow boil to misery and subjugation. All so the masses can keep their bellies full & enjoy some shallow escapism. Tough way to see a proud nation go out. Just don't see the French racially revolting.

Extremely hard to assess information. Have to work from general principles. For me that is:

1) the people promoting the coof and the vaxx are liars / profit pecuniously from this (propaganda term) 'jab.'

2) the people getting the vax are mostly sheep. and psychosubs who get off on being dominated.

3) i dont have a problem, so i dont require a solution.

Everybody forgets that Thalidomide was a multiple-government approved drug at one time.

@mushroom_soup makes sense. of course wash after fishing or mowing but women esp wash too much. a nice sweaty woman is a good smell.
Every bit helps. Whites need to start supporting their own, no need for every little battle to be a purity test. The jews and nonwhites all back up their own. Whites generally do not. this has to change this decade

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