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I will never forget the amount of women seething from a perfectly succinct term that did not describe them. "Debt free virgins without tattoos." Being told that was what men want made them mad because not only could they not provide that to men, but because they refused to do so. Even if they were given a do-over, they would still be promiscuous and irresponsible.

"Men just need to accept me for who I am!" they protest. They hate being reminded of their lacking of traits attractive to men.
Eric Ward knows what the foundations of the US are. He and his 'hate watch' group decide now what the foundations of the country are.
why does liar journalist state PF "came to riot"? Do the donut fuckers come to riot if they bring protective shields or gear to an event as a precaution? town is now for love & kindness per Mayor Hammond. Trans and gay pride parade evidently quite important to local power brokers
middle age kwaps in flyover land hurting their fellow White Men at the behest of local gov. most look quite out of shape compared to the younger, more trim PF guys. Kwaps must get that pension!
Don't agree with Gonzalo Lira (is he even a White Man?) & other assorted critics that PF is fedops. Makes totally no sense. I think they tend to stay under the radar & do the flash public stuff. Sounds like more than a few ex DS readers...not every group are glows. They seem like they are solid young White Men doing what they modestly can to fight for their country/people. Only prob is that 'their country' is lost & likely gone. is there an avenue to donate to legal fees?

White Nationalism -- alone -- can supply the keystone in the arches built by MGTOW and BITCOIN, to name just two.

Everyone laughed at me for painting rocks to look like strawberies,.but found out that if you put them around your berry plants and bushes before the fruits appear, the birds will peck the red rocks. They hate pecking super hard things so they will leave the fruit when it appears

boy when the last ambulant craps shat out of the steel works, the media suddenly lost all interest in the war.

or am i missing something.

"Everyone hates pieville, all you guys do is talk about stuff that matters instead of anime pedo porn and memes that dont mean anything." Poastfags

if christianity did not exist, how would whites view jews?

to a conservative, he threw his life away
to a white nationalist, he sacrificed it

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