Was just reading (((Brown's))) bio on wikipedia and stumbled across this gem...

In September 2012, the SPLC named Brown in their list of "30 New Activists Heading Up the Radical Right."

Oy vey, look who else is on that list... 😂

@Dingus_McGee good... i had never heard of the guy before. what a classic dissembling kike.

really, i love all the different verbs that mean lying. we should all become experts in their subtle variations.

does anyone agree with me that it would be The Ultimate if jones really were a Maryano (a WN pretending to be catholic)? watch that video: that is CLASSIC JEWING. i mean, fucking textbook jewing. you telling me jones doesn't actually believe that'a a racial thing?

@Alex_Linder If so, that would be legendary. The stuff of 16 dimension, long-game strategy.

But when I see him spouting his "logahs" piffle I throw up my hands in exasperation.

@Dingus_McGee yeah wish i knew enough to dispute that, i strongly suspect he's twisting it to his own purposes.

but in general, the approach to take him down on that point is not outscholar him but point out that Logoman is ILLOGICAL and IRRATIONAL using specific examples

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